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Why Tonies are partnering with National Autistic Society

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World Autism Acceptance Week is here (27 March to 2 April 2023), and Tonies are proud to partner with the National Autistic Society to support the charity's work with autistic children in the UK.

It's why, for World Autism Awareness Day this Sunday, we also wanted to share the heart-warming stories of how the iconic Tonies Toniebox has helped our most special little ones across the country.

From encouraging wind-down time, understanding relationships and improving vocabulary, let's take a look at the wonders of the Toniebox...

tonies and national autistic society

The Tonies Toniebox

The Toniebox is a fun, interactive way for families with autistic children to explore stories and music. Featuring soft padded speaker boxes and accompanying Tonie characters full of musical narratives, educational content and more - it's the perfect tool to help introduce language and literacy in meaningful ways.

How the Toniebox helps

The National Autistic Society agree that the Toniebox has become an ideal solution for parents looking to offer their little ones creative play experiences that can positively impact development.

For many autistic children, routine and familiarity can provide comfort. Toniebox stories create a familiar environment - even in unfamiliar places - allowing children to feel comfortable no matter where they are.

Plus, when sensory overload becomes overwhelming, using the Toniebox with headphones provides much appreciated relief as it offers screen-free entertainment that helps calm little ones down which makes bedtime easier too.

tonies box headphones

The Tonies x National Autistic Society Partnership

At Tonies, they believe it's important to amplify the work of the National Autistic Society to support neurodiverse children and their families.

"We feel extremely privileged to partner with the National Autistic Society. We have received so much positive feedback from our customers over the years about how the Toniebox has helped their autistic children, so this is a partnership especially close to our hearts."

 - Pinky Laing, Tonies® partnerships and PR manager.

Looking to make a difference for autistic children, Tonies' partnership with the National Autistic Society hopes to bring more exciting materials and ongoing support which is available on the 'mytonies' app.

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We reached out to our lovely following to ask families with autistic children how their Toniebox has helped their little ones. Read on to discover their wonderful stories...

Abigail's story

"My son, Benjamin, received a Toniebox from his Grandma for Christmas. He was really lucky to be gifted a few of his favourite Tonies; George & Peppa Pig, Bambi, Paddington...

The Toniebox has been so amazing in helping Benjamin explore new things, he’s not particularly interested in toys and when reading books, he likes to repetitively flick the pages - which makes it hard to read the book. His Toniebox allows him to listen to his favourite songs and stories whilst reducing his screen time - he gets incredibly excited when Peppa comes on!

The Toniebox has also massively helped with bedtime. He used to love contact naps at bedtime yet now the Toniebox has given him the confidence and entertainment to have his milk before bed and listen to a story to fall asleep.

He absolutely loves looking at the different Tonie character and takes his box in his carrier everywhere. His grandparents, family and friends have all recorded some stories for him to listen to which means we can sit and hear stories whilst he flicks through the pages! It’s a really lovely way to connect with him. 

Benjamin is half Indian and half English - the inclusive creative Tonies are really lovely in having representation for him. The freedom to download different content is wonderful in giving us the option of downloading Malayalam (his Dad’s first language) nursery rhymes and stories onto his creative Tonie.

His cousin also has a tonie box, which helps him to socialise and play with his cousin. Teaching him to share and interact with other kids- it’s really lovely.

We’re really grateful to the doors the Toniebox has opened for Benjamin."


More testimonials

To add to stories like Abigail's, we also received some lovely comments from other families like Louise and Rachel who also said:

"My son uses it to calm himself down when he gets overwhelmed"

- Louise

"The Toniebox is the perfect thing for when little one wants a bit of quiet time - off she goes with her headphones!"

- Rachel

Why we love Tonies

We're forever shouting about our screen-free heroes, Tonies for so many reasons. Yet, hearing all your stories and those from families up and down the country, proves this little audio box has so much to offer. It's no wonder so many of our customers have fallen in love with this fantastic toy!

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