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Why the Tonies Sleepy Sheep Night Light is a Must-Have at Bedtimes

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Say goodbye to sleepless nights with Tonies Sleepy Sheep Night Light! As a parent, getting your child to sleep can sometimes require some long deep breaths, but Tonies has created the perfect solution to help you out...

The Sleepy Sheep Night Light is the ultimate bedtime companion designed to calm your little one and make bedtime routines easier; but don't just take out word for it- we spoke to Baby and Child Sleep Expert Gemma Coe about how this night light is a game-changer for all parents struggling with nightmare naps.

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Tonie Sleepy Sheep Night light

Tonies Sleepy Sheep Night Light

Introducing the Sleepy Friends Night Light by Tonies, designed from the ever-so-popular Tonies Sleepy Friends collection!

Here to bring a sense of calm to bedtime chaos for both children and parents, this sweet night light features 90 minutes of beautifully composed melodies and a warm, comforting light, as well as the ability to record and play personalised goodnight messages.

Tonies first ever Night Light creates a magical atmosphere that's perfect for snuggling up and drifting off to sleep with a soft silicone shell that's great for little hands to cuddle.

We think the best feature is that you don't need to have a Toniebox to benefit from the night light feature. Simply push button underneath and set the timer to 30 mins for a warm glow just before bed.

Plus, if your little one wakes up during the night, they'll find comfort in the Sleepy Sheep Night Light, turning the soft lighting on to help them get back to dreamland! 

Tonies sleepy sheep nightlight

Q&A with Gemma Coe, Baby & Child Sleep Expert

Q. When should little ones use a night light? 

A. Night lights can be really useful throughout your child’s early years. They’re great for babies still requiring night feeds as they help you move around safely, picking baby up, changing them and feeding them before popping them back down (for this age group, make sure they’re out of reach, high up on a shelf).

Nightlights are also useful for scene setting at bedtime, reducing the brightness of overhead lighting but still providing enough light to read those bedtime stories. Fears and anxieties can creep in around the age of 2.5yrs so they’re also great for toddlers and preschoolers with a genuine fear of the dark. A nightlight is a good investment as it can be used for many years.

Q. What are the benefits of having a night light? 

A. Night lights are great for 2 things! They really help set the 'mood' and aid the transition between day and night. This is something toddlers often find quite difficult, especially if bathtime is quite active in your house! Stepping out of the bath and into a calm room with dim, warm lighting (such as a nightlight) can trigger the body to start to slow the pace down. 

Night lights are also great for toddlers and preschoolers with a genuine fear of the dark, and they may benefit from having the light on its lowest setting for the duration of the night. This helps them feel reassured when waking in the night, realising they are ok and in a familiar environment, and hopefully falling back to sleep easily without parental assistance.

Q. Are there any myths about night lights parents should know?

A. Light has a really powerful effect on our circadian rhythms (body clock), so going into bedtime with bright lighting may indicate to your child that it’s just not time to sleep yet! Slowly reducing the level of brightness can really help make that transition between day and night feel smoother and more natural. 

It’s been shown that some ‘cooler’ colours on the light spectrum (blue and white lights in particular) can delay the onset of the production of melatonin, the body's hormone that signals it’s time to sleep. Warmer colours (oranges and reds) have less of an effect. Darkness will always remain preferable for sleep, unless your child is displaying genuine fears and anxieties at bedtime or in the dark, and then a warm coloured nightlight for the duration of the night may be just the ticket!

Q. What are your first impressions about Tonies Sleepy Sheep Night Light?

A. Genuinely I’m impressed! There’s so many sleep products on the market and I tend to be quite skeptical of anything that aims to ‘promote sleep’, but this ranks really highly. It’s cute, it’s made from a really soft silicone (for the occasions where it’s perhaps taken into bed) and it builds on the ever popular use of the Tonies range in building a calm and screen-free bedtime routine with your little one. 

I thought it was great - my kids thought it was utterly brilliant and were totally captivated by the soft, soothing sounds. 

Q. How is Tonies Sleepy Sheep Night Light better than other standard night lights?

A. Its 4 brightness levels are really useful. You can have it at maximum brightness after bathtime. This gives you enough light to see to change into pyjamas and read some books without needing to use any disruptive overhead lighting. Then you can slowly turn down the brightness whilst tucking your little one up. 

For those who need a nightlight all night long, the lowest brightness setting is a nice warm light and dim enough to provide gentle reassurance to a child but not trick the body into thinking it's morning. 

If using the nightlight in conjunction with a Toniebox then the sounds are really relaxing and promote a sense of calm. This is also really helpful for families who have children that find books and pictures too stimulating at bedtime.
The sheep also has up to 240 hours of battery time - one less thing to charge

Q. How does Tonies Sleepy Sheep Night Lights help to promote sleep?

A. The sleepy sheep sounds are really calming and combined with introducing some basic mindfulness techniques at bedtime will help even the most anxious (or active) child start to relax and unwind.

Darkness remains preferable for good quality sleep so the Sleepy Sheep has a function where it will turn off 30 minutes after setting the timer. Typically this is when most children will have fallen asleep and the body gets the benefits of darkness during the night.

Q. What problems do the Tonies Night Light Sleepy Sheep solve for families at bedtime?

A. For many families it will help bring a sense of calm to the bedtime routine. Transitions between day and night can be tricky for toddlers and preschoolers and quite frankly they’d much rather be playing!

The soft sounds and low, warm light really help to set the scene and just naturally slow the pace.This sleepy sheep is great, the little one can be in charge of popping it on their Toniebox or setting the brightness and it’s a cute product that they’ll enjoy using. 

As it's a Tonies product, you can also record your own bedtime stories on the sleepy sheep! This is such a lovely feature for families giving more options at bedtime. Also a great feature for families who have a parent who does shift work or is away from the home for periods of time and misses out on the bedtime routine.

About the Author

Gemma Coe is a certified baby and child sleep specialist who helps families worldwide. With a successful background in medical education, healthcare and teaching, Gemma is an experienced mum of two who understands the importance of healthy sleep habits.

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Discover the Sleepy Friends range by Tonies

tonies sleepy friends

To add to your sleep time saviours as well as the Tonies Sleepy Sheep Night Light, the Tonies Sleepy Friends range is paving the way towards the most peaceful bedtime routines. Similar to the Sleepy Sheep Night Light, the three Tonie characters in the collection; Sleepy Sheep, Sleepy Bear and Sleepy Rabbit provide holistic bedtime rituals for the whole family. 

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