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Why Choose a Natural Rubber Pacificier?

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Who knew something so small could have so many different options and designs? With so many pacifier options out there, how do you choose the right one for your baby?

An increasingly popular type of pacifier is the natural type. Here at Natural Baby Shower we have been championing all things natural since the beginning, and pacifiers are no different. We believe these are truly the best option for your little one and have a long list of benefits. So let’s take a closer look at why you should consider a natural pacifier for your little one.

Natural Rubber Pacifiers

What is a natural pacifier?

A natural pacifier is traditionally made from natural rubber. Natural rubber comes from a tree, the sap is tapped, collected and moulded into the pacifier shape. Because they are all made from a natural material, natural pacifiers will be non-toxic and chemical free. These pacifiers are considered eco-friendly since the product comes from a sustainable source, they will also naturally bio-degrade which is great news for the planet.

Natural Rubber Pacifiers are safe

Natural rubber pacifiers are deemed safer than others on the market as they are all moulded into one seamless design which means they don’t have any joins that could weaken or tear that could become a choking hazard. Being moulded from one piece of material means they are extremely durable and are more hygienic for your little one. With no joins or cracks, there is no places for dirt or bacteria to accumulate plus they are naturally non-static which means they won’t attract dust or dirt.

Natural Rubber Pacifiers

Environmentally friendly

As previously mentioned, natural rubber pacifiers are sustainably made from a renewable raw material and environmentally friendly.

Pacifiers have a very short life span, with experts recommending they are replaced as quickly as every two months for hygienic reasons. This can therefore make pacifiers quite the waste producer for our special planet. Brands are paying attention and a new wave of eco natural alternatives are coming thick and fast to take the place of the original plastic alternatives. Natural rubber will naturally biodegrade so when it comes to the time to change your little ones dummy, you can simply dispose of them in your normal waste and they will biodegrade naturally.

Chemical free

Parents can feel reassured with the knowledge that natural rubber pacifiers contain no toxins or chemicals, making them extremely safe for your child. Natural rubber pacifier are all free from BPA and chemicals such as PVC, phthalates, parabens, chemical softeners and artificial colourants. Natural Rubber Pacifiers

Our top natural pacifiers


Made using 100% natural rubber latex, the Hevea Orthodontic Pacifier is completely plant based and coloured with FDA approved natural colour pigments. It’s naturally non-toxic and free from baddies, as well as being biodegradable!

Natural Rubber Pacifiers

Sophie la Giraffe

Sophie La Giraffe have been a firm family favourite for years with their 100% natural rubber teethers, bath toys and pacifiers. Their Ergonomic Natural Rubber Pacifier from Sophie la Girafe combines eco-friendly materials with expert knowledge and design for a pacifier that your little one will love. Made from natural rubber that's non-toxic, BPA, and phthalate-free, this pacifier features a one-piece design that allows for optimal hygiene as there are no joints, slits, or corners for bacteria to collect.

Natural Rubber Pacifiers

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