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What’s new? Bugaboo Donkey 3 vs Bugaboo Donkey 5

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There’s been some amazing new launches at Natural Baby Shower for 2022, but none as highly anticipated as the Bugaboo Donkey 5!

The fifth generation of the infamous Donkey series, many of us were thinking what could possibly be improved? Well, despite this, the Bugaboo Donkey 5 has had some major updates in comparison to its predecessor Donkey 3 both mechanically and aesthetically, with many upgrades to make the fold easier and create an even more comfortable experience for little ones.

Plus, you’ll be pleased to know the Donkey 5 still boasts the innovative Mono to Duo feature that transforms with just 3 clicks! But of course, the Bugaboo team didn’t stop there, so we’ve included all the improved features to look out for in the newly released Donkey 5…

Why is the Bugaboo Donkey so popular?

Plenty of families love the adaptability of the Bugaboo Donkey range, as with many parents, they find themselves expecting less than a year or two after their first child. This outdates the lifespan of their single pushchair and the need to purchase a second stroller or double means more research, less storage space, and higher costs!

The Donkey series eliminates this need, with the Mono to Duo feature accounting for any future children or better yet, adapting with growing children. You’ll find as little ones get older, they’ll no longer need (or want!) to sit in the pushchair anymore, so a single stroller will be all you need once more in a few years time.

Even while converting between Mono, Duo, and Twin mode, the Bugaboo Donkey 5 stroller maintains all its functions, features, and creature comforts, which is why it’s been loved by many since first launching over 10 years ago! 

Looking back at the Donkey 3

While the Donkey 5 may have some exciting new improvements, the Donkey 3 is nothing to be ignored. The footprint and weight of the Donkey 3 remains the same as the 5th generation, so manoeuvring your stroller through doorways and across terrain is still just as easy!

For both the Donkey 3 and the Donkey 5, the stroller becomes 5.5" wider when you expand it from single to double, but it's still narrow enough to fit through most standard doorways.

The Donkey 3 model also features the "Breezy" canopy, with a ventilation panel that can be opened for airflow and a peek at your child, great for parent and baby interaction while out exploring! 

The Donkey 3 folding mechanisms are a little different however, with the buttons located on the underside of the frame, which requires a little more coordination to trigger both sides simultaneously.

Yet the motion of the fold is the same; lower the handlebar to its shortest position, then pull up on the folding triggers while grabbing the centre axle and pushing the wheels together to complete the fold. The Donkey 3 can also fold with a seat attached, although for most compact fold it is more space-savvy to remove it.

The Donkey 3 also offers greater customisation because each component is packaged separately meaning the twin stroller comes in as many as seven boxes. In comparison, the Donkey 5 customisation options have been condensed for simplicity. 

The other thing to mention is that now the Donkey 5 has been released, the Donkey 3 has reduced in price across most colourways. 

So, what’s changed with the Donkey 5?

Closer to me seat

One of the most prominent additions to the design of the Bugaboo Donkey 5 is the side-by-side seat positioning. Offering a higher placement, the seat sits on the frame much closer to the parent. Not only will this help baby and parent interaction, but the raised height also gives you better accessibility to the under-storage basket!

Easier fold 

The updated folding mechanisms on the Bugaboo Donkey 5 are super smooth, making it easier than ever to transport from home to car boot for every adventure.

New colourway

For the first time since its inception, Bugaboo has a new metal frame colour in Graphite. It joins the existing Aluminium and Black frame chassis and perfectly accents the 7 new Bugaboo Donkey 5 sun canopy colours!

Fabric and harness

With improved soft touch fabrics that are machine washable, the Bugaboo Donkey is incredibly comfy. Soft, padded shoulder pads let your baby enjoy a fabulously comfortable ride while the super easy-to-use Quick Click harness is also new.

Maximum comfortability

As we mentioned earlier, comfort has been a real focus throughout the design of the Donkey 5. More specifically, the mattress now features an advanced high-performance 3-D mesh fabric, which not only ​helps to regulate baby’s temperature but thorough circulation and added cushioning ensures little ones stay cool and content when on the go.

Bassinet fold

You may not need to collapse the bassinet often but the quick releasing velcro will have your bassinet ready to go in seconds. Perfect for staycation car journeys where every inch of boot space matters! 


The same accessories will still be included in the Donkey 5 as the Donkey 3, however attachment points for the Bugaboo cup holder and the wheeled ride-along board are integrated into the frame of the Donkey5, so no extra pieces are required. For the Donkey 3, you'll need to purchase an adapter to attach the wheeled board. 

If you're still unsure, here are all the same brilliant Bugaboo accessories that are compatible with both models;


Donkey 3

Donkey 5

RRP (£)

From £1095

From £1530

Folded Dimensions

One-piece self-standing fold: 67 x 60 x 87 cm

One- piece self-standing fold: 52 x 60 x 90 cm

Quick-Click Harness



Soft shoulder pads



Seat Placement

54 cm from ground

57 cm from ground

New chassis colour 


Yes; Graphite

New Branding loop wrist



Soft touch fabrics with added padding



How to choose 

If you already own the Donkey 3 and like the look of the Donkey 5, all pieces can be interchanged between both models, with the exception of the bassinet - so you can get the best of both worlds without spending a lot more money! 

If you're really torn between which Donkey model is right for you, we’d always recommend test driving a new pushchair to find out which one is the winner. You can speak to our lovely team of nursery specialists to help, either in our gorgeous Surrey store or via one-way video call for expert demos and advice. 

Fun fact

You don’t need to be a mathematician to realise that the Donkey 4 isn’t on our list. Why you ask? Well the Donkey 4 doesn't exist! Bugaboo skips the number four when naming product models, as it's considered an unlucky number in China, home to the Bugaboo factory.