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What is muslin?

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One of the purest, simplest, gentle and most perfect fabrics in the world. We're talking to aden + anais about all things muslin... 

Muslin refers to a finely-woven breathable fabric. It is believed to have originated in Bangladesh during the Middle Ages. One of the purest, simplest, most gentle and most perfect fabrics in the world, here at Natural Baby Shower we are big believers in muslin’s long legacy of bringing parents and babies together.

aden + anais muslin swaddle

What makes muslin so magical, you ask? First and foremost, its breathability. The open weave and lightweight fabric of muslin allows for airflow, reducing the risk of overheating. This quality helps keep your baby comfortable and safe, resulting in your peace of mind.

Muslin is also durable. Weaving a product in the natural fiber of muslin makes it a workhorse fabric, giving it the ability to withstand countless washes—a huge tick from us. Not to mention it gets even better with age.

aden + anais muslin swaddle

All of our aden + anais muslin is pre-washed, so it starts out soft and becomes even softer each time you wash it. The delicate yet durable weave of muslin also evokes a stretchiness with a ‘natural give’, allowing a muslin swaddle to be tucked snuggly around your baby without being overly restrictive. The results? A perfect night sleep for parent and baby. 

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