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Vegan Leather Changing Bags

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Today is World Vegan Day. Every year on 1st November people around the world celebrate and champion veganism. Some people may go vegan for the day to celebrate, but others make life choices every day of their lives in honour of veganism.

More and more people are changing their lifestyle and purchasing decisions to reflect a vegan lifestyle. We have seen a huge surge in people becoming vegan’s as it is credited to a healthier lifestyle, as well as protecting the planets animals as well as loads of environmental benefits.

A vegan is someone who does not eat or use anything that has originated in any way from an animal. As well as not eating meat or fish, vegan’s also avoid all animal products like eggs, milk, wool and silk along with much more such as honey.

So why are more and more people making the decision to go vegan? The rise in figures is closely linked to the surge in focus that the environment has got in recent times thanks to shows such as Blue Planet. The production of meat and other animal products places a heavy burden on the environment, therefore making the switch to veganism is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

A vegan diet can also be one of the healthiest ways to live for your own health, a healthy vegan diet is abundant with healthy goodness, vitamins and reduced saturated fats thanks to the heavy focus on plant-based products. Finally, and possibly the biggest motivation for vegans, is protecting the animals on our planet. Most vegans feel that changing to a vegan lifestyle takes a stand against animal cruelty and exploitation.

Vegan Leather Changing Bags

To celebrate and support this amazing lifestyle choice made by many people around the world, and to honour World Vegan Day 2019, we have bought together all of our favourite vegan leather changing bags. Changing bags are the ultimate parenting essential to help make parenting on the move that little bit easier. With these vegan changing bags, you can have bags full of style with functionality, plus you can be happy in the knowledge you are helping the planet, and not harming any animals.

Vegan leather is the perfect alternative to real leather, it involves no animal products and still remains super soft, luxurious and hard wearing. Plus, it tends to be more affordable! Win win, it’s a complete no brainer for us! Keep reading to discover our favourite vegan leather changing bags. 


Our Favourite Vegan Leather Changing Bags

FreeRider Changing Bag

The amazing team behind some of our favourite baby wraps have ventured into the world of changing bags with gorgeous results! Their recently launched range of changing bags consists of 4 different designs, all made from cruelty free vegan leather. Founder, Scarlett, believes that functional products should still be designed with style for the modern parent and most importantly, produced from the highest quality sustainable materials. This belief and promise allows FreeRider to create incredible products without negatively impacting the world for our future generations.

Their vegan leather bags are a great example of this. Gorgeous in design, practical in nature and produced using only the highest quality sustainable materials. Plus, they have made a range of accessories to match your changing bag!

Vegan leather changing bags


Fact + Fiction Lea Backpack

We recently welcomed Fact + Fiction to the NBS family, we instantly fell in love with their chic and stylish designs but also the long list of handy and thoughtful features they include in all of their bags. But what really sold it for us was their use of vegan materials in all their designs. This thoughtful element helps protect the planet and the precious animals that live on this planet. Not only is their whole range vegan friendly, they also have anti-smell technology in the fabric.

Their multi-functional bags are loved by gym bunnies, parents, commuters and travellers to cover every element of their day. From work to workout or baby to boardroom, Fact + Fiction have thought of everything.

Vegan Leather Changing Bags


PacaPod Hartland

PacaPod are the original creators of the innovative and unique 3-in-1 organisation system for changing bags. Their bags are all about beauty on the outside and brains on the inside thanks to their clever organising system of having 2 smaller ‘pods’ inside the bigger bag. This is designed to keep your baby’s things separate and organised to make parenting on the move easier. What a clever idea!

But they didn’t just stop there, they also have a range of vegan leather bags, such as the Hartland, as part of their promise to protect this precious planet we live on. 

Vegan Leather Changing Bags


Babymel Robyn

The Babymel Robyn Changing Bag is a versatile 4 way multi bag - wear it as a backpack, shoulder bag, cross body or hand held with our easy to use convertible strap. Unisex, lightweight and versatile, this bag is the ultimate crowd pleaser. Also, made from super soft and sleek vegan leather it gets a celebrated top spot in our vegan leather changing bags for world vegan day!

 Vegan Leather Changing Bags


Storksak Eden

Award winning changing bag brand Storksak was founded in 2003 by Melanie Marshall and Suzi Bergman, with the view to create a line of luxury baby changing bags and travel bags which don't compromise style for function. Their changing bags are stylish and practical, perfect for new parents and families. They recently introduced their vegan leather Eden changing bag. The Eden has all of the benefits and features of their award winning bags, but with the extra bonus of using cruelty free vegan leather. This vegan leather bag is a great alternative to leather, the luxurious, buttery soft leather offers a great look of leather whilst being lightweight, wipe clean and durable.

Vegan Leather Changing Bag


We love all of our changing bags, but these special bags have gone that extra step further by ensuring they are offering parents the best possible products for their family and also the environment. What better way to celebrate World Vegan Day, than treating yourself to a brand new vegan leather changing bag! Plus, don't forget you get a FREE aden + anais swaddle RRP £15 with every full size changing bag. 

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