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TotsBots Reusable Nappy Review

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Did you know that disposable nappies take up to 500 years to decompose and that so called "bio-degradeable" nappies don't actually break down in landfill?

Society has become a lot more aware to the damage caused to the planet by 'throwaway culture'. As a result, many parents have turned to using cloth nappies which half weekly waste and reduces a households carbon footprint by 40%.

That's why we love the TotsBots award-winning reusable cloth nappies. They are just as easy to use as a disposable nappy, whilst saving money and the environment. The extensive TotsBots range includes different size and style nappies; EasyFit Star, TeenyFit, Bamboozle, Bamboozle Wraps, multi-packs and accessories. All TotsBots reusable nappies feature adorable designs and bright colours making baby look stylish and comfortable - don't believe us? Read on to see what our team of parent testers had to say...

TotsBots reusable nappy

Parent tester - Jodie Jacob 

Our nappies arrived with super speedy delivery and I loved that the packaging is recyclable too.  Our nappies came as perfect as expected and I love how bright and beautiful the prints are! These are super easy to use and great quality reusable nappies. We’ve tried many brands of nappies but these are by far the easiest to put on and I absolutely love the super gentle rolled leg elastics, they are also great for containment! 

TotsBots JJ

We particularly love how soft the Bamboozle Stretch nappy is. We tried this overnight boosted with a PeeNut Pad under our PeeNut Wrap and had no leaks whatsoever! We also love that there is a large pocket at the back of the nappy which makes pulling up the nappy very handy! 

TotsBots nappies are also super slim fitting too so they don't look bulky under clothing and with their snap rise settings, we can get the perfect fit! For us, these nappies are a definite must-have for any nappy-stash! 

TotsBots reusable

Parent tester - Leigh Johnson

We were very excited to recently receive our TotsBots nappies. We decided to use cloth nappies on our daughter who is nearly a year old, due to concerns for the environment (disposable nappies create a lot of single use waste!). I was pleased to see that the nappies arrived in paper packaging, appropriate to the size of goods it contained! 

We received an All-in-one Easy fit nappy in the 'Buzzy Bee' print, a Bummy rabbit, PeeNut Pad, PeeNut Wrap and Bamboozle fitted nappy along with a pack of fleeced liners. I was also really impressed to see that these nappies are made using recycled plastic bottles, so not only are you helping to reduce waste by using washable nappies, you are also using a product that is made from 'waste' itself! I loved the cute and colourful designs on the nappies too and I'm sure as my daughter grows older she will really enjoy picking these nappies out of our stash! 

Each item even came with its own guide which would be particularly useful to anyone new to cloth nappies as let's be honest, they can seem a little daunting at first!

TotsBots reusable nappy


The nappies and inserts feel super soft and really good quality, the tab for securing the waist is extremely sticky so there's no worries about them potentially coming undone or baby being able to pull them off. One of the great features of these nappies is the 'rolled' leg elastics meaning they are really gentle on babies thighs compared to other brands. Reusable nappies need a prewash before use to help them with absorbency and it was a nice touch to see that there are laundry tabs to ensure that the tab doesn't get stuck to anything while in the wash! 

First up, we tried the Easy fit. Being that this is an all-in-one nappy, the nappy is pretty much ready to go! You do need to tuck the tongue back in after washing and drying but this takes seconds. I just adjusted the 'rise' poppers on the front of the nappy to the appropriate size for our daughter and placed one of the fleeced liners in the nappy (this helps catch any solids!) which fitted perfectly. We found it really easy to get a good fit - the tab allows you to adjust to any waist size. It was also super fast to get on baby as there are no fiddly waist poppers to contend with whilst baby tries to crawl away! This nappy easily lasted us 3 hours before changing which I was impressed with. 

TotsBots reusable nappy

Next, we decided to try the PeeNut wrap and pads. The pads pop into the wrap to create an all-in-two nappy system. This would be a really affordable cloth nappy system to use as you can reuse a wrap multiple times through the day and just change out the pads (as long as the wrap isn't soiled). It would also be a good system for anyone with limited storage to use compared with multiple all-in-one nappies as you would only need a few wraps to go with several sets of pads. 

Again, I adjusted the size to fit baby and included a fleeced liner. The liners also fit this system really well. We used both pads as my daughter is an older baby but I really liked the fact you could 'un-popper' the pad set and just use one if you had a younger baby that wees a bit less!

TotsBots reusable LJ

Like the Easy fit, we had no problems with absorbency or leaks and this nappy was even 'christened' (number 2!) which was contained perfectly! The great thing about the PeeNut wrap is that as well as using with the insertable pads you can also use it as a cover over a fitted nappy - like the Bamboozle. The Bamboozle is made of bamboo which is a really absorbent material and comes with an extra booster inside for added absorbency. Fitted nappies are what we use at night because they are so absorbent. 

Night nappies can be a bit of a trial and error and having already worked quite hard to find a nappy that lasts us all night without leaks I'll admit, I was a little nervous to try this one out. I didn't want an awake baby at 3am with a wet cot! We used it in conjunction with the PeeNut wrap over the top however and I am pleased to report that baby stayed dry for the whole 12 hours that she was asleep! Our daughter seemed very comfortable in all of the nappies that we tried. No marks were left by any of the elastic and the fleeced liners fit over the whole of the nappy which meant she was kept feeling dry. 

TotsBots LJ

I would definitely recommend the TotsBots nappies to anyone either already using cloth or new to cloth! I think they are a particularly good nappy for anyone curious about cloth nappies to start with due to the ease of the tab fastening and the fact that the Easy fit doesn't require much preparation before use! These nappies are now a firm favourite in our house!

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