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Top 5 Highchairs for 2024

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The key to a successful and fuss-free mealtime with your baby is a high-quality and comfortable highchair. The right highchair should be simple to assemble, easy to wipe clean (meals can get messy), comfortable, safe, durable, stable, and easy to store. You’re also going to want a highchair that adjusts to fit your growing child and keeps them comfortable, so you won’t have to replace it for many years.

This may sound like a lot of boxes to tick, but to help you make a decision, we have put together a list of the top five highchairs we would recommend and why we love them.

Our Top Five Highchairs

1. Stokke Tripp Trapp

The Stokke Tripp Trapp is an iconic and ingenious chair that can fit right up to your dining table and bring your baby into the heart of family mealtimes. Its intelligent design and adjustable height, depth, seat and footplates encourages natural movement, and allows for plenty of growth. From early morning breakfasts to birthday feasts and Christmas dinners, you know your Tripp Trapp will be with you and your family mealtimes for many years.

When set up and adjusted correctly, the Tripp Trapp ensures ergonomic and comfortable positions for your little one at any age. The stable footrest and solid construction guarantees the safety and security of your child, while the adjustable seat and footplate provides complete support. The Tripp Trapp is truly a gamechanger for parents who are looking for an adaptable and stylish highchair that fits with any dining room table.

Stokke Tripp Trapp

2. KAOS Klapp

The KAOS Klapp Highchair has a modern and sleek design and is made to last for the entire childhood, and the messiest of mealtimes. The made-for-movement design is based on the analogy of a staircase, so little ones of any shape or size can find a natural and comfortable sitting position that suits them. This highchair will never need adjusting, and has a removable safety rail that is suitable for children up to 36 months.

The Klapp comes ready assembled and can be folded flat for simple storage and set up so you can get your baby fed fast and fuss-free. The KAOS Klapp allows for all kinds of chaos and mess as it is easy to wipe and keep clean. It can also be used outside, perfect for summer BBQs and al fresco meals.

The KAOS brand is ethical and eco-conscious. The latest version of the Klapp Highchair is manufactured with zero waste production, and made entirely from 100% recycled plastic from consumer waste. The chair also has 63% lower CO2 than fossil plastics – how Kool is that?!

The KAOS Klapp is the perfect dinner guest for environmentally conscious parents who are looking for a sleek highchair that can be set up and put away in seconds, and one that is designed for the natural movement and growth of their little one.

KAOS Klapp


The CYBEX LEMO 3-in-1 Highchair offers parents a practical choice that grows with their baby. It can be assembled in seconds, and the matching tray is perfect for messy mealtimes, and can be easily removed when no longer needed. The tray connects onto the LEMO baby set which creates an ergonomic sitting position and side protection for your baby from six months up to three years old. The attachable LEMO bouncer also means that the highchair can be used from birth.

The LEMO was designed to meet the needs of your growing family and ensure that every generation can enjoy its features, from childhood to adulthood. Durable, contemporary and stable, the LEMO is made to stand the test of time making it feel like part of the family at every meal.


4. Bugaboo Giraffe

The Bugaboo Giraffe is the perfect mealtime companion for children of all ages. With a modern and sleek design, and a fully adjustable seat, the Giraffe is the ideal highchair for every adventure, from the moment your baby arrives until they are well into their childhood.

For complete ease, the seat can be adjusted in just one second with no tools needed. The flexibility of this highchair means that your little one can always be at the table with the whole family, for every mealtime and milestone.

The Bugaboo Giraffe is incredibly versatile. You can use the snap-on accessories to create five different seating positions to meet the changing size and needs of your baby. It is also completely safe and sturdy, made with eco-friendly and long-lasting materials – that are also easy to clean. The Giraffe will always be ready for every magical mealtime moment, whether your little one is learning, playing or just making a big old mess.

Bugaboo Giraffe

5. Ergobaby Evolve 2 in 1

The Ergobaby Evolve 2 in 1 Highchair is designed to provide total comfort and support for your little one as they grow. From the early days of exploring solid foods for the first time, to playing and learning with you in the kitchen, the Evolve will make it easy for you to transition between the feeding stages without having to compromise on safety or comfort.

The innovative design of the Ergobaby Evolve ensures convenience and a quick and easy clean-up and has a removable insert tray that is dishwasher safe. The chair is easy to convert and adjust in seconds with just a few steps and no tools required, it is also easy to store and compact when folded.

Your little one will always be in safe hands thanks to Ergobaby’s commitment to safety, quality and support, with their carefully crafted wood material, this is the only highchair you’ll ever need. The curved back on the infant seat and a sturdy platform for your baby’s feet, guarantees your hungry little one will always be comfy and cosy from breakfast to dinner.

Ergobaby Evolve

Mealtimes are such an important part of every family, they are the time when everyone comes together, from the slow sleepy mornings to the quiet summer lunchtimes and cosy evening dinners. The right highchair will help your baby fit right in at the table and keep the magic of mealtimes alive.

We hope this handy guide to highchairs will help you choose a chair that meets the needs of your baby and your family, so feeding can become fun and fuss-free for all the family. To help sum up, here is a detailed breakdown of each highchair and their different features and attachments:

Highchair comparison chart

If you would like to see our top five in person, or still have a couple of questions, come and visit us at our stunning store and consult with our experts.

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