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Top 10 Screen-Free Easter Activities for Kids

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Hop hop hooray it’s Easter time! Easter is a fun-filled holiday and a favourite for children around the world because of the mischievous Easter bunny and the delicious chocolate eggs. We couldn’t be happier that Easter has come early this year, hopefully bringing with it some new Spring sunshine!

The Easter holidays are a great opportunity to have some fun with all the family, from egg hunts to a bit of baking there are plenty of screen-free activities you can do with your little ones to make the most of your time. Let us give you our top ten favourite activity ideas the whole family will love this Easter.

1. Easter Egg Hunt

You can’t do Easter without an egg hunt. It’s a classic that will keep the kids busy exploring for hours and, if you have a garden, a great way to get them running around in nature. Download and print this free map made to give you some inspiration and get your little explorers to follow the trail!

If you’re having friends or family with kids over for Easter, you’ll need to make sure you plan a hunt with enough eggs for everyone. If your kids are older, get them involved to help you hide the eggs or come up with creative clues to make the hunt more challenging.

Olli Ella have a range of adorable baskets for your little ones to use when collecting their eggs, they can have fun carrying them around and filling them with delicious treats.


Ollie Ella Baskets


2. Baking Easter Treats

Everyone knows that Easter should be filled with lots of yummy foods and sweet treats. Baking with your children can be a super fun and exciting activity – it’s sometimes good to get a little messy. Baking can also be a great way for them to work on their motor skills, pouring, mixing, kneading, whipping, and icing will all help improve their hand eye coordination and strength. It’s also great for children to play with and explore new textures and consistencies. Make sure they wash their hands and then encourage them to get stuck in and use their hands.

An Easter classic is the rice crispy/cornflake nests that your little one can decorate with colourful eggs. Here is a quick and simple recipe you could use:

You will need:

  • 200g milk chocolate
  • A bag or two of mini chocolate eggs
  • 80g cereal such as shredded wheat, rice crispies or cornflakes
  • Cupcake cases


  1. Break up the chocolate into small pieces and then melt it. You can use a microwave or place the chocolate into a small bowl over a pan of simmering water. Careful it’s hot!
  2. Pour your cereal into a large bowl and add the melted chocolate. Mix together well so it’s all combined.
  3. Spoon your mixture into twelve cupcake cases and use a spoon – or your hands – to press a hole in the middle of the nest.
  4. Fill your nests with chocolate eggs and then place into the fridge to set for a couple of hours.

3. Crafts

Arts and crafts are always a top choice for school holiday fun. It’s an opportunity for your little ones to get creative, messy and be curious about different textures and colours.

Spring and Easter are known for being full of colours, animals, and fun characters. Here are some fun craft ideas for you to try with your little ones this Easter:

  • Finger painting flowers
  • Drawing the Easter bunny
  • Pom pom making with wool
  • Easter egg designing
  • Basket weaving
  • Handprint Easter bunnies

All these ideas are super affordable and easy to do but will also keep your little one busy. Why not come up with some of your own crafts too or just get out all the supplies and let your little one’s imagination run wild!

To avoid too much mess or ruining your child’s clothes, we have a range of fun and colourful bibs and covers that are great for crafting!

4. Gardening

Being outside in nature is the best place to be during the school holidays, and spring is such a gorgeous season teeming with new life and things to discover and explore – even during the April showers.

Spring is all about life and growth so what better way to celebrate Easter than by getting out in the garden and doing some planting and digging?

Sunflowers are a perfect choice for fun project with your children. They are easy to plant, maintain and it’s lots of fun seeing how tall they grow! It’s a great way for your kids to learn how to take care of something, they will have to water their sunflower regularly and make sure it’s getting the right amount of sunshine. You can start by filling a small pot with soil and planting your seed there, then you can move it into soil or a large pot as it grows.

Even just encouraging your child to help you water the garden can be a great way to get them outside or away from screens – and it doesn’t cost a thing! It will help them develop an interest in the environment and nature, and you can also encourage them to keep an eye out for different kinds of birds and insects and take notes of what they see.

Check out this toy gardening set perfect for your little one’s gardening needs.


Child gardening


5. Swimming

It’s important to make sure that your children are getting enough exercise while they are away from their regular PE lessons. Swimming is a fun and exciting activity for the whole family and is great exercise for the kids! (Guaranteed to tire them out!)

Take your kids to their local leisure centre or swimming pool – it may still be too cold for the beach - and enjoy some water fun. Older kids will love it too if you go to a pool with flumes, rapids and play areas.

You’ll need to make sure you pack everything you need, Splash About have a great range of safe and stylish swimwear from nappies to wetsuits. It’s also a good idea to bring some bath toys with you that your little one can use in the shallows to keep them entertained if they aren’t a strong swimmer yet.

6. Reading

From bath time, to bedtime and beyond, reading is a quiet mess and stress-free activity for you to do with your kids this half-term. We have a collection of new-in books that are Easter themed for you and your child to enjoy.

Reading can be a great way to bond with your child whether you are reading to them or encouraging them to practice reading to you. After swimming or other high-energy activities, reading is a great evening activity for your little one to help them wind down for bed or nap time. It can also be a good option for a rainy day and cost-effective activity.

Check out our new-in Easter books.


If your little one loves an audiobook, Tonies are colourful screen-free audio devices that encourage your child to use their imagination and spark their independence. They can play their favourite music and listen to all their favourite familiar characters. Tonies also have stylish headphones so your child can listen on the go, and even create their own fun audio! 

Perfect for Easter time, check out this Peter Rabbit Tonie! 

7. Play with Ollie Ella

The Ollie Ella Dinkum Dolls are adorable, soft and cuddly playtime pals for little ones, and the perfect companion for the holidays. Your little one can bring their Dinkum Doll with them wherever they venture, to the shops, to the zoo, to the park… on all their adventures. They can even get them to help on their Easter egg hunt!

Made from natural materials that are sustainably sourced, Ollie Ella are focused on ethical production and make products that are made to last. So, you can guarantee that your little one will have their snuggly friend for many years while they grow up together.

And did we mention that Ollie Ella have just released an adorable new range for Easter? This cute new collection features snuggly and soft bunnies and an adorable new Cottontail Carrier!


Ollie Ella Dinkum Dolls


8. Picnic

A picnic is the perfect springtime activity to try with your little ones. If the sun decides to shine, pack up your favourite sandwiches and picnic snacks and head out for a walk in the park – or even just to your garden!

You can enjoy relaxing in the spring sunshine and getting some much-needed fresh air after the cold winter months. Take a ball, a kite and some outdoor games and have some wholesome family fun. If you go for a walk, you could turn it into a scavenger hunt for your child and get them to collect things they find on their walk, give them a list of things to find like: Find something green, find something smooth, find something colourful, find something smaller than a coin…

There are endless opportunities with a picnic, and if the April showers do decide to show this year, there’s nothing wrong with an indoor carpet picnic!

Check out this adorable picnic table, the perfect addition to your garden for the spring and summer months so you can make picnic parties in the garden a regular event!


Picnic table


9. Scooter ride

This Easter, why don’t you head out on a family bike or scooter ride? It will be great exercise for the whole family and a great skill for your kids to learn.

The Micro Scooters Deluxe Mini Eco Scooter is a safe, stylish and sustainable ride for your little ones. These scooters are durable and made to last, and their innovative braking systems make manoeuvring effortless and easy for your child to pick up.

Head out to the park and let your kids speed and glide around until they are well and truly tuckered out!

Make sure to equip your kids with appropriate protective gear including helmets, knee and shoulder pads.

10. Start a band

We can’t guarantee the weather will decide to play ball this Easter, so it’s good to have some activities in your back pocket you can bring out if it’s just too wet or cold outside.

Musical toys and instruments are a fun way to spark curiosity and creativity in children of all ages and are a great skill for them to learn! This Easter, it’s time to start a family band! Gather a selection of instruments and make up a song or play along to some of your favourites.

If your kids are older, encourage them to put together a performance for the family with music and a dance routine. Parents, you can act as judges and score their show – only 10s here though please!

**TIP** If you don’t have musical instruments or toys around the house, pots, pans and cups of rice will work just fine! Just make your own instruments.

We hope we have given you some inspiration for a fun-filled and screen-free Easter holiday with your little one. Whatever you do, make the most of this gorgeous season and quality time with all the family. We would love to see what you get up to! Send us your bakes, crafts and Easter egg hunt pics on

If you’re ever in need of more inspiration for some fun activities you can do with your kids, check out our little tasks for little ones where we share some of our favourite ideas for fun crafts and excursions you and your family will love. From card-making to scavenger hunts, there will always be something for all ages and seasons.

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