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Tonies - Our Lockdown Top Pick

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As lockdown continues to drag on and parents battle on with home schooling, you could be running out of ideas to keep your little one’s engaged and entertained. But we know one cool little gadget that can keep them entertained, help them learn and also keep them connected to family and friends all in one small cube. Meet your lockdown hero; Tonies!

 Lockdown with Tonies

What is Tonies?

First, let’s take a closer look at Tonies and how it works. Tonies is all about unlocking a world of audio adventures away from screens. Simply turn it on, pop a Tonie figure on top and let the adventure begin. The soft, shockproof, cube is made of durable fabric and has no screens, sharp corners or edges, complicated controls, buttons, discs or cables, making it super simple, safe and fun to use. It’s the perfect lockdown companion full of unlimited fun for your little ones to enjoy.

Discover the huge range of cute hand-painted Tonie Characters full of audio adventures from those traditional childhood stories, Disney favourites, nursery rhymes and even educational content. Plus, discover the large range of Creative Tonies with the space to fill them with 90 minutes of whatever you like.


Incorporate Tonies into their play time for limitless open ended audio fun for them to enjoy and encourage independent play. Listen, play and collect all their favourite Tonie Characters and let the audio fun begin! The huge range of educational, story and song based Tonie Characters mean there is a whole world of exciting adventures to be had.

The simple and intuitive controls are easy for children of all ages and abilities to understand which means your little one can interact and play with their Tonie Box completely independently. Yes, that does mean you may be able to actually grab 5 minutes to yourself! You’re welcome.

Lockdown with Tonies

Keep connected

Tonies allows families, grandparents and friends to stay connected with your little ones without over doing the screen time with lots of FaceTime and Zoom calls. Alongside the huge collection of fun Tonie characters and educational figures, there are the Creative Tonies. The clever Creative Tonies come completely empty, which allows you to upload up to 90 minutes of your own personalised recordings for your little one to listen to. This could be their favourite song, personal family stories or loving messages from loved ones that they are currently restricted from seeing.

It’s super simple for your loved ones to send an audio message for your child to listen to. Simply using the free smartphone app you can record content from anywhere in the world and play it in your child's room via the Creative-Tonie, or simply upload any other audio file via drag and drop also on the app. Allowing that precious connection with family and friends to your family from anywhere in the world.

The opportunities are endless, Grandma could read them their bed time story through Tonies, or perhaps your uncle who lives in Australia could join in with the Happy Birthday sing along, or maybe Grandad simply wants to tell them a funny memory and stay connected.

 Lockdown with Tonies


Tonies is even here to help you with your child’s development, as well as lending a valuable helping hand with home schooling.

Early years

It all begins with the ears. Listening forms the basis of early childhood language development, learning and, as the child grows up, reading and expression. Opt for the educational Tonie Characters that are bursting full of educational content and songs based around learning. The Tonies character of children counting songs makes learning to count fun as it teaches your little one the world of numbers and times in a playful way with great sing-along songs.

Home schooling

Every parent can relate to the struggles of home schooling, well give yourself a break and let Tonies do the work for you. Grab yourself a Creative Tonie and use it to upload some pre-recorded educational content for your little one to sit and listen too whilst they work, or perhaps your teacher could even send a pre-recorded clip over to help with their learning. Whether it’s spelling, punctuation, grammar or numeracy, the Toniebox can help in many ways. Try recording your own educational content onto a Creative Tonie; anything from times-tables to phonics and make it playful. After all, enjoyment and fun makes learning so much easier for everyone!

Lockdown with Tonies

The opportunities are endless with Tonies, and they have completely become our lockdown hero!

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