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Toddlekind Nordic Prettier Playmat Review

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Toddlekind is known for creating beautiful and functional babies interior design products, driven by a belief that childhood should be cherished and playtime should be fun without having to compromise on design.

Founded in 2018 in Germany, the prettier playmats were developed to bring style and serenity back into the home; and the Toddlekind Nordic Prettier Playmat does just that. Transforming any space into an elegant and tasteful area, little ones are protected from bumps and falls without you having to compromise your style. The playmat can seamlessly fit into any space and it's so versatile as multiple packs can be joined together. Its no surprise our parent testers loved this homeware staple...

Parent tester - Bethan Hislop 

We received the Toddlekind play mat in the post from Natural Baby Shower. We have been using it now for a couple of weeks and we love it! 

It’s such good quality and as it comes in 6 separate parts it can be made smaller or bigger; the versatility is great depending on the size of your room.

It also makes playing on the floor with my daughter, Darcy, much more comfortable and it even doubles up as a yoga mat and occasionally the cats bed!

I went for the clay colourway; the colour is a lovely warm tone which blends into the room whilst still being practical for Darcy to play on. It’s super easy to wipe down too which is a massive plus!

Parent tester - Rebecca Lacy

I received my Toddlekind playmat around 3 weeks ago and it’s safe to say, I’ve been thoroughly impressed with it. We have this in our playroom which I can tell is going to be a godsend for our carpet as the playroom gets so much use and it’s a new carpet!

It provides such good cushioning for little feet and for tumbles and looks super stylish too! We went for the ‘clay’ colour and its a beautiful neutral which I know will work well when we move house next year too! 

We’ve been able to use the mat for messy play too and it cleans up so well and also had the added advantage of being able to take out an individual tile that contained the ‘mess’ to clean separately (which was a much bigger job when just using our tuff tray for messy play indoors).

 The only downside I have found is that on carpet, it slips around very easily and I seem to have to move it every day as it seems to creep up against the furniture and it’s curling the edges slightly - only a minor flaw and other than that, we absolutely love our new mat! 

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