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Tiba + Marl Kaspar Knapsack Black Snake Print review

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Continuing to create beautiful changing bags that redefine traditional methods, Tiba + Marl are experts in the world of changing bags. Crafting bags with high-tech materials, high fashion features and flawless functionality runs at the core of this brand, which is why they are loved by parents worldwide, including celebrities, stylists and influencers. 

At a more premium price point, the Tiba + Marl Kaspar Knapsack was designed in close collaboration with the Natural Baby Shower team to bring our customers a super stylish, vegan, statement backpack that doesn't compromise on functionality.  While it's won awards for delivering on these promises, we still put it to the test with a team of real parents to get their verdicts on this ultra-cool, changing accessory...

Parent tester – Katie

When I first received the Tiba + Marl Kaspar Knapsack Exclusive Black Snake Print I was super excited as I have always loved the brand Tiba + Marl. As a new mum, I’ve been slightly overcome with how many bits and bobs I need when I leave the house now – gone are the days of taking out a small clutch or cardholder in my pocket!  So, receiving this beautiful changing bag now offered the perfect solution to the heavier loads of travelling with a little one!

My first impressions; I was so impressed with the quality of this bag. The fabric is very flexible which means I can squeeze lots of things into it. It has been perfect to take to the hospital, fitting a ton of nappies, a few muslins and 4 different outfits (plus a blanket without even using the outer pocket!)

The outer pocket will however be useful for all things small and accessible, such as phone, money, keys etc. I love that each compartment has been designed with convenience of parents in mind. Plus, the bag looks amazing! Everything about it oozes quality, from the stitching of the fabrics to the faux leather base, each element has been carefully designed.

As well as looking nice, I really appreciated the subtle snake effect on the outer lining which is a bit different but without being too bold (something I haven’t always loved with other luxury changing bags). The bottom of the bag features little feet to prevent any damage when in use – a lifesaver when you want to place the bag on an unclean surface such as the floor or car footwell. Other features such as strong zips for easy opening and sturdy bottle pockets give me peace of mind that this bag will last for a long time.

Overall, I would say this bag is a game-changer for parents looking for a stylish, comfortable, and practical changing bag solution. So far, I haven’t faced any issues with this changing bag or found anything that I would like to improve!

Parent tester - Rachelle

was very fortunate to review this beautiful Tiba + Marl baby changing bag from Natural Baby Shower! From opening the box that it arrived in, it instantly had the "wow" factor. It was packaged beautifully, and even included its own bag to store when you're not using it.
It is also extremely aesthetically pleasing, and for someone who loves bags, it was love at first sight! It has everything you could want for your baby's needs, including a little changing mat, which was perfect on our days out to change my baby comfortably and hygienically. 
It also has a little pouch to store little bits in, as well as insulated side compartment and inner storage to keep bottles or even food warm. It is very spacious inside, and you can get everything in it; nappies, wipes, food etc without it looking too bulky. 
I have had so many compliments whilst using our changing bag. I have struggled to find any negatives, but the only little thing I would say that lets it down, is the fact it doesn't have an extra strap to enable you to hang it on your pram. For me this would be much more comfortable than wearing it on my back.
You can buy additional hooks to allow you to hang it on your pram, but given the price of the bag, I would expect these to come included. Other than this small issue, it is absolutely perfect and I am beyond happy with it.

Parent tester - Izzah

I was extremely excited when Natural Baby Shower got in contact with me to review the Tiba + Marl Kaspar Knapsack (which retails at £140!). It came very quickly; arriving at my door within 2 days.

It was well packaged and wrapped in a dust bag that had an additional large dust bag inside to store the baby bag when not in use which I thought was was extremely useful.

The Kaspar came in a stylish black snake print, with water resistant fabric and faux leather trim that is suitable for all genders.The bag consists of four separate zip compartments; one compartment has a fully insulated pocket which is great for keeping bottles warm.

There is also an insulated pocket on the inside and a pocket to fit a small laptop which is perfect for working parents on the move. Having several zip compartments makes it easier to organise and store stuff when on a day out. It also makes it quick and efficient to find everything in the order I wanted to change baby and without delay!

The bag is comfortable to wear on your back for both myself and my partner. The bag is easily adjustable with padded shoulder straps that makes it super convenient to quickly tailor for both of our different heights and build. The Kaspar also comes with a black faux leather clutch bag for storing smaller bits and bobs so, you don't have to keep digging around the bag which is great.

One of the great things that are included in the bag is the foldable changing mat which has a velcro tab that keeps it compact. The material is quite padded for a changing mat and it's a good size for babies up to 18 months plus, it's easy to wipe clean!

It's really great to see that the Kaspar comes with hooks that connects to the back of the bag so you can attach it to the handlebars of the buggy. The only downside about this is the stroller clips are not included with the bag and it's an additional £16 to purchase.

Overall, this is a gorgeous bag and would make a wonderful changing bag/gift. I would definitely highly recommend, it's spacious and fits all my little ones essentials inside without having to carry multiple bags with me. 

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