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The Practical Benefits of Babywearing

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It’s no secret that here at Natural Baby Shower we LOVE babywearing. The emotional and social benefits of babywearing speak for themselves. From creating a closer bond between you and your little one, to helping their social development and offering skin to skin contact that helps comfort them. The list goes on and on for the amazing benefits of babywearing.

But we think just as importantly as the physical benefits of babywearing, are the practical benefits. Trust us when we say baby carriers are a gift when it comes to being able to go about your daily parenting life that little bit easier. They are just so useful and are a parenting game changer!

We can totally relate to those times when you’ve just got all those chores that need to be done but your little one is refusing to be put down and just wants to be held. This is where babywearing really comes into it’s own and allows you to do parenting with your hands-free, so you can go about your daily business hassle free. Babywearing let’s you still care, hold and settle your child without having to hold them in your arms.


Caring for other children

If you have more than 1 mini me running around, then we couldn’t recommend baby wearing enough! You can carry your smaller child and still be able to chase after your older children with no drama. Your younger child or new born needs a lot of attention and care,  but your older child may not quite understand or be sympathetic to this switch in the focus of your attention. Babywearing lets you care and keep your little one close, whilst still playing and spending time with your older child.  

The practical benefits of babywearing



Ask any mum who breastfed their children and they’ll tell you newborns feed A LOT. Around 8 – 12 times a day for the first month. This means that if mum needs to get things done during the day, a little extra help from a baby carrier can go a long way! It’s possible to breastfeed in most carriers, allowing mum to truly feed ‘on demand’, wherever she goes.

The practical benefits of babywearing



Unfortunately, chores don’t stop simply because you little one wants a cuddle (we wish though)! Babywearing offers the perfect chance for you to get things done around the house whilst still keeping your baby close and cuddled. Yes, that means you can still get that washing and hovering done whilst keeping your child happy.

The practical benefits of babywearing



We know how hard it can be to make time for yourself and make time to cook for the rest of your family when your little one wants all your attention. So simply strap them in and carry them round whilst you cook up a storm with your hands completely free to chop, stir and prep!

The practical benefits of babywearing



Pushchairs are great for walks around town and are perfect for quick trips out and about, but when you are in the mood for a proper adventure a pushchair just won’t do the job. To really get out and explore this amazing world you’re going to need to get rid of those 4 wheels that can’t go over tough bumpy roads and strap your little one in their baby carrier to come along for the adventure. You can really go anywhere and your little one is safe and cosy.

The practical benefits of babywearing



I know that you may be thinking exercise is the last thing on your mind with everything else going on since your little one’s arrival. But when you do get the urge to start exercising and gradually getting into working out, babywearing is perfect for it. You can work out whilst wearing your little one super easily, plus it means you don’t need extra weights as your little companion acts as weights.

 The practical benefits of babywearing


Dog walks

Have you considered the reality of taking your four-legged friend for walks with baby along for the ride? Taking a stroller off road can be a bit of a struggle and needing to keep a hand spare for holding on to a lead. Then there’s the prospect of getting the huge stroller in to the back of the car with muddy wheels… but then where does your muddy pooch go?! Too much drama and too much to think about for us! Babywearing is here to answer all your dog walking dreams. Both hands are free for the dog lead and dog poop, baby can nap or stare out at the world if they want, and you can get your exercise, plus there is no huge pushchair to shove in the boot or lug around bumpy paths.

The practical benefits of babywearing



When you’ve got to go, you’ve just got to go! It’s not glamorous and it may not be one that you confess to your friends, but we all know that it happens. Quite frankly your little one doesn’t take into consideration your personal schedule when they need cuddles, feeding or caring for, so sometimes you’ve just got to do what you’ve got to do to make everyone happy.

The practical benefits of babywearing

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