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The New Silver Cross Tide Range: A First Look

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As parents, finding trusted brands for your baby bits is essential, which is why we were thrilled to be invited to an exclusive launch by the beloved Silver Cross for their all new Tide collection!

We're recapping on what we saw at the event and all the exciting new products that parents like you can look forward to- very soon!

We were impressed by the sleek new designs and practical features that make these launches a must-have for any modern family, so let's get into it!

First look at the Silver Cross Tide

Meet the Silver Cross Tide Collection

Introducing the Silver Cross Tide collection: designed with today's parent in mind. Built with the perfect balance of functionality, style, and affordability, this all new collection is championing Silver Cross's mission of inclusivity as they've made it accessible to more parent's budgets.

What's in the collection? you ask. Well, let us introduce you to the Tide 3-in-1 travel system and Slumber travel cot...

Silver Cross Tide Stroller

Our star of the show was the new Silver Cross travel system. This travel system has been given a fresh facelift, with new fabrics and colours, making it even more stylish and practical than ever before.

We were really impressed by how lightweight and easy to manoeuvre the stroller was, and it seemed like the perfect choice for busy parents on-the-go.

Exciting news! We can reveal this fantastic stroller is almost ready to shop at £795.00. Available with a range of additional accessories such as a backpack, footmuff, phone holder, and cup holder, your perfect pushchair package could be just a click away...

Silver Cross Tide stroller

Silver Cross Slumber Travel Cot

Another standout product we got a sneak peek at the event was the Slumber, Silver Cross's a brand new travel cot! As the first of its kind from Silver Cross, we were curious to see what this gorgeous-looking travel cot had to offer...

And we weren't disappointed! The cot is lightweight, easy to fold and transport, and most importantly, comfortable for a little one.

Get ready to shop the Silver Cross Slumber, available for pre-order in August. This amazing deal includes a newborn insert and a convenient travel bag. All of this for just £195.00!

Silver Cross slumber travel cot

Why we love

One of the most exciting parts of the launch was being able to see the new colours and fabrics up close. The Silver Cross Tide range features beautiful, gender-neutral colours such as sage, stone, and charcoal, which are perfect for any modern family.

We also loved the practicality of the fabrics used. They're sustainable, durable, easy to clean, and perfect for parents who want to keep their gear looking good as new!

Aside from the new products, we also appreciated the attention to detail and quality that went into each product in this collection. Silver Cross has always been a trusted brand for parents, and this new Tide range proves that they continue to innovate and improve their designs!

Silver Cross Tide travel system


"The sensational Silver Cross Tide range is a game-changer in the baby world! After attending the exclusive launch event, we're sure that parents will be blown away by the unbeatable blend of functionality, fashion, and durability that these items provide."

- Victoria Hampson, Co-Founder

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