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The Compact Stroller for a Fast-Moving World

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It makes sense; even seemingly ordinary concepts need to evolve with modern day lifestyle and to adapt to an increasingly fast-moving world. In this regard, major brands are always looking for ways to improve the performance or appearance of existing products to provide added value to the end user. 

Keeping in mind how widespread it has been since the 17th Century, the stroller is firmly within this bracket and as common as the bicycle which was first invented a short time later. In both instances, these products are frequently developed or even re-invented with the same intended outcome – more value for the customer.

The Compact Stroller for a Fast-Moving World

While it may seem like just another stroller at first glance, YOYO was specifically created for the demanding nature of life for modern-day parents. Aside from aesthetic appearance, YOYO+ is one of the smallest strollers on the market and extremely convenient for all manner of social occasions. From a ride on the tube or bus to a quick coffee with friends, it combines ease with elegance which makes this stroller a match made in heaven for urban parents and travelling nannies alike.

BABYZEN and YOYO by Air France

Babyzen YoYo Plus Complete Stroller - White with Air France BlueWith the above in mind, it must be said that YOYO+ was always destined to be a success in the minds of parents. Simplistic and subtle yet chic and elegant, it was also a perfect fit when it came to collaboration with Air France. Having realised the incredible value of the BABYZEN creation, the airline wasted no time by adding and distributing the stroller through their on-board experience.

As already mentioned, given the mobile nature of both companies, the collaboration between BABYZEN and Air France made complete sense. However, the stroller was also French-made and making waves at the time for being such a profoundly attractive product. Furthermore, the small and compact size of the stroller was another huge asset to the airline industry, for this collaboration would see YOYO become the very first stroller to be accepted as cabin luggage.

Babyzen YoYo Plus Complete Stroller - White with Air France Blue

Flying high and taking a stroll in a fast-moving world

In less than five years, YOYO has travelled from Hong Kong to New York and Paris, London and Milan in between. Although now available through the shopping experience with Air France, the stroller is also flying high in a metaphorical sense with parents realizing the sheer practicality of this creation by BABYZEN.

Babyzen YoYo Plus Complete Stroller - White with Air France BluePractical, chic, and convenient; The BABYZEN YOYO embodies everything about the image of Air France, but it must be noted that the underlying value of this tidy stroller has ensured it a place in the minds of busy parents as they navigate such a fast-moving world. 

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