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Ergobaby Omni 360 Air Mesh Baby Carrier Review

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We were lucky enough to receive the very first samples of the brand new Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Carrier and what better way to trial it than with our trusted parent testers! Hannah and George, put their new carrier to the test with a walk in the countryside whilst others took trips to the zoo! See what they think below...

Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Carrier - Pearl Grey

Parent Tester 1: Hannah Jones

"We had a different brand of baby carrier but after using it a few times I decided baby carriers were not for me and resigned myself to selecting pram friendly walks only. I assumed this carrier would be similar but it was completely different in a variety of ways.

First of all the carrier is made from very lightweight material and there is also no material between you and the baby. This avoided us both overheating and getting sweaty clothing. The material is soft and comfortable against mine and baby’s skin and the straps are well padded for comfort.

Ergobaby = Parent Approved!

I’d previously needed assistance from my husband to get our old carrier on and put our baby into it but this carrier allows you to put it on and make all your adjustments first. You can then pop baby in afterwards and tighten the straps slightly if required. I can manage this on my own without any issues because all the fastenings are easy to reach and it’s not over complicated like many carriers I’ve tried on.

This carrier has four options for carrying position. I like to carry on the front but my husband prefers to carry on his back and this carrier allows for both options without having to make any major adjustments. It’s also simply designed and looks stylish so its suitable for us both to use. The carrier has a handy storage pouch on the front which is large enough for a phone and money and means you can be hands free at all times.

Ergobaby = Parent Approved!

The main difference with this carrier for me was the lumbar support. The carrier features a strap that fastens around the waist, this takes all the pressure off my shoulders and provides support for my lower back. My baby’s weight seems to be more evenly distributed which makes him feel lighter and allows me to carry him much further for longer periods.

Ergobaby = Parent Approved!

My baby seemed to enjoy being in the carrier, he sits comfortably in it and takes in the scenery and even drifts off to sleep with the motion of walking sometimes.

This baby carrier has changed my views on carriers and with spring/summer approaching I’m looking forward to some more challenging (non pram friendly) walks in the beautiful North Wales countryside.


Parent Tester 2: Jen Bowman

I loved this baby carrier, it has become an essential! Comfortable, easy to use and most of all my baby is very happy in it :) I have 2 daughters, Caitlin 4 and Poppy 10 weeks old. Caitlin uses a wheelchair and as a double pushchair / wheelchair combination isn’t readily available, I knew I needed to get Poppy in a carrier asap if I wanted to leave the house with both of them!

Ergobaby = Parent Approved!

Poppy was born very little and was too light for some of the other big brand carriers but the Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh is suitable to use from 7lbs which worked perfectly for us. I’d tried all sorts of carriers with Caitlin when she was a baby but found them very complicated with lots of bits and pieces and not particularly comfortable. This is not the case with the Ergobaby! It came in one piece and has lumbar support which is super comfy on your back.

Ergobaby = Parent Approved!

After a quick view of their handy instructional video, a few adjustments to the easy to use clip-in straps and we were ready to go. This has been great for us on trips out to the zoo, forests and also around the house to get a baby who does not like to be put down to sleep!

Ergobaby = Parent Approved!

It is quite pricey, however it suits kids up until 4 years old so well worth it! One con is that it does not have dribble bibs included but you can buy these at an additional cost.

All in all it's a must have for every new mum!