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The benefits of natural mattresses for your baby with The Little Green Sheep

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In a world full of man-made fibres and synthetics, many of us have now chosen to invest in products made with more natural materials for our baby and minimise the use of nasty chemicals and plastics that harm our planet. We often make a conscious effort to invest in natural alternatives in day-to-day life, but what about for when we sleep?

With the average infant sleeping around 14 hours a day, a healthy sleeping environment is not only synonymous with natural sleep, mattresses are an imperative factor to achieving a better quality of sleep – even for adults.

Little Green Sheep Natural Mattresses 

Nursery and Lifestyle Brand The Little Green Sheep have a great range of natural mattresses that are non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals. Manufactured in solar-powered factories and to the highest standard, not only is buying a natural a more sustainable choice, but an excellent choice for your baby too. 

The Little Green Sheep champion not only the use of all natural materials across their product ranges, but 4 specific materials that make up the fabric of their mattresses.

  • Coconut Coir
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Wool
  • Natural Latex

To commemorate our Safe Sleep Week, we at Natural Baby Shower feel like it’s only right to shout about this fabulously eco brand and some of the benefits of their natural baby mattress collection…

The Little Green Sheep

Maximum breathability

Natural Mattresses are more breathable than synthetic mattresses. This is because natural materials such as those included in The Little Green Sheep mattresses are chosen for their air-permeable properties to promote maximum airflow. Two of the four components to The Little Green Sheep’s mattresses; a layer of wool and 100% cotton, provides ultimate comfort and breathability for your baby.

Cotton - which is gentle on skin - ensures a super soft environment for your baby to sleep. While the temperature-regulating wool core optimises moisture-wicking wonder properties that allow for both warm and dry sleep, meaning your little one’s sleep is undisturbed throughout the seasons. 

The Little Green Sheep

Superior comfort

Tiny layers of coconut coir act like individual springs, relieving pressure points and providing superior support for your baby’s head, neck, and hips.  Natural latex and coconut coir fibres also ensure a sturdy base and combined with soft luxurious sheep’s wool; you can rest assured your little one is truly comfortable when asleep.

If your baby suffers with sensitive skin, dust mites are a pest that can cause skin irritation and discomfort. Wool is naturally anti-allergenic meaning it is unable to contain dust mites mostly due to the dry conditions in the UK. This means it’s an ideal sleeping environment for your little one.

Sleep + Safety

One of the many natural properties of wool is that it is temperature regulating; a huge benefit for newborns in their first 3-4 months while they are unable self-regulate their body temperature.  

Natural mattresses are among the firmest on the market, meaning they are perfect for your little one with firm mattresses providing optimal support as recommended by safe sleep experts. 

Lastly, as a natural fire-retardant, wool is also approved by the British Safety Standards without the need for any toxic fire-proof chemicals.

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