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5 benefits of storytelling with your little one

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Once upon a time, our earliest ancestors began to find ways to communicate. Though they may have used prehistoric tools and spoken tales of ancient myths, we still have something in common with them...the art of storytelling!

Today, the stories we share with our children are a little different. Whether they include beautiful illustrations, inspiring people or fun interactive flap games, the outlook of storytelling remains the same - to explore our emotions and relay important tales.

For National Storytelling Week, we've highlighted why this just why reading is so important. From bonding to improving communication, here are the top 5 benefits that storytelling offers the next generation of little readers and listeners.

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1. Communication

Telling stories with your little one is the perfect way to improve both their listening and reading skills. Reading aloud to your child involves a level of comprehension on their part and means they must focus on the words or pictures to fully understand, which goes hand in hand with good listening!

Plus, storytelling encourages little listeners to understand the value of sharing stories, improving their social skills and quality of communication. 

2. Understanding the world around them

    Through stories, children can experience different cultures, traditions, and people they haven’t yet encountered. We know little ones are already inquisitive, but books and stories open a whole new world of wonderful ideas, places, and creatures too.

    This adds to their learning of our world without even realising it. Plus, storytelling can be more than just a ‘sit and listen’ activity. It gives young readers the opportunity to ask questions or understand more complicated words and what they mean.

    National Storytelling Week 2022

    3. Bonding

    Sometimes, we can forget to really make the most of quality family time. Storytelling provides the perfect opportunity to sit back and enjoy each other’s company, as well as sharing laughter together.

    There’s no better feeling than watching your little one join in with you as you follow along a story, or simply watching their face, hooked on every word.

    4. Inspires little readers

    Some of our first inspirational figures are presented to us through telling stories. From our favourite characters in books to the heroes and heroines shared through generations, we can all remember someone in a story that has stayed in our minds since childhood. Some may have even inspired us to become who we are today.

    We love the ‘Little People, Big Dreams’ range, which introduces little readers to explore the lives of outstanding people like David Attenborough, Emmeline Pankhurst or Rosa Parks.

    The benefits of storytelling with toniebox

    5. Establishing emotions

    Scientists have found that reading and storytelling improves children’s social behaviours. Stories introduce new emotions, more specifically helping little ones to understand the importance of the emotions of others.

    It has been confirmed by these same scientists that those who have fiction read to them regularly have a proven empathetic nature when compared to those who are not read to by their family.

    Children are encouraged in storytelling to put themselves in the position of the story's protagonist; to consider their actions and reactions and why they may have made them behave this way. 

    Get involved

    Why not make a conscious effort this National Storytelling Week to sit down with your family and enjoy the pleasures of sharing stories?

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