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Summer potty training with BabyBjorn

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Do you suspect your little one is ready to start their potty-training journey? Well, now that summer is here, it could be the perfect time! 

Many parents favour the summer months to start their little one’s potty prep so, with BabyBjorn’s launch of their updated Smart Potty range, now feels like the right time to share tips from the experts on how to get the most out of the experience…

When to start potty training?

For most babies and toddlers, it is recommended to start potty training around 18-24months but if you’re not completely convinced that they’re ready, there’s a few tell-tale signs to help you decide. A common indication is a reduction in the need to change their nappies. If they’re going through the night without wetting, or they start to seem visibly irritated by a dirty nappy when they wake, it can mean you’re ready to start.

Also, if your little one is starting to talk about “wee” or “poo” this is a good sign they will get the hang of potty training, especially as they can communicate if and when they need to go. 

Why potty train in summer?

Many find that the summertime provides a great period to start potty training as the warmer weather means less clothing spoiled by any potential leaks, and speedy strip-offs for untimely tinkles! Plus, your little one is more likely to find it easier pulling up and down their nappy if that’s the only item of clothing to focus on. In addition, more parents typically have more holidays in summer, meaning there’s more time to stick with the training and see it through until the end.

Where to potty train?

The beauty of the potty is it can be used anywhere! They’re light and portable so if you’re on the go this summer or moving from room to room, it’s great to transport with your little learner. You can even take it into the garden, although it’s recommended to start off somewhere where they enjoy and feel comfortable so you may want to try it out indoors at first.

How to start?

Potty training will be a rewarding experience at the end, but like many things expect it may take time and have some highs and lows. Make sure to remain patient with training and let them experiment at their own pace, after all, if they begin to dislike it, it will be a lot trickier to carry out!

To try and make it fun, you can let them decide when it’s time to go, otherwise make sure to offer it just after they awake from a sleep or a little while after eating. Like adults, little one’s may need a little peace and quiet to help concentrate, so if you’re on your summer holidays, try to find a calm and discreet space to start.  

BabyBjorn’s Smart Potty Range

The new Smart Potty collection by BabyBjorn is great for starting toilet training!  Included in the launch is the Smart Potty, Step Stool and Potty Chair which are designed for all stages of the potty training journey. 

Compact, practical and easy to clean, the Smart Potty is handy to use both in the house or during those hot summer days. It is easy to clean, as it comes with a rigid inner potty lining that pops right out and can be rinsed, washed, and wiped in seconds. Featuring a practical splashguard, it’s ideal for little ones starting out and getting the hang of their aim too.  

Designed in Sweden, this potty embraces the scandi-style and is available in a range of vivid colours with the new launch featuring a sleek black and white colourway that helps to make the whole experience that little bit more glamorous!

Safety is a top priority for BabyBjorn so you can rest assured that the Smart Potty complies with all Europe and US safety requirements and the materials are free from harmful substances. And, because the Smart Potty has been created with durable materials, it can be your staple potty for not just this toilet trainee, but for anymore little ones to come.

The Step Stool on the other hand aids little ones as they learn to wash their hands and reach the basin above them. As well, it provides a rubbery, gripped surface for wet floors both inside and out! 

Lastly, the Potty Chair is great for keeping in the home and to start out with. It features a high back rest, comfy armrests and a taller seat than the Smart Potty to aid little ones when getting up and down. As a more bulkier potty, it's slightly less portable than the Smart Potty, but will be great to leave in or near the bathroom to ease them into their toilet training!

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