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Summer inspired baby names

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Welcome to the world of summer inspired baby names! This list is filled with beautiful, refreshing and cool names that are perfect to remind you of the summertime when your little one was born.

There's something for everyone on this list, whether you're looking for a traditional name or something more unique that nobody else will have. So dive in and pick the perfect name for your new little arrival!

Girls summer names


Aurelia is the female form of the Latin name "Aurelius", an ancient Roman surname.

Aurelius is derived from the Latin word aureus, meaning "golden," which was also the name of a gold coin used in Ancient Rome. Aurelius was a nickname or third name in Roman culture that often referenced a personal characteristic or trait, likely used for someone with golden hair.  The perfect name for those born on golden sunny days, Aurelia encompasses the warm hues of summer.


Aden is a name from the Hebrew word meaning “fire”.

Also from the Irish meaning "little fire", it traces directly back to the Celtic god of the fire and the sun. It is a beautiful name that would be perfect to use in summer as it gives tribute to the heat during this warm season. We also love this name from the gorgeous aden + anais collection housed here, that offers a stunning selection of muslins and newborn essentials.



Birdie is a girl's name of English, Swedish origin meaning "bird". 

Quick, delicate, and a nimble go-getter, Birdie is a feminine name that captures all these qualities and more. A variation of the Old English Byrd, Birdie pays homage to nature's little music-makers, putting them in a league of some incredible songstresses. Yet, Birdie also shares close proximity to the German element beraht, giving it the additional meaning of "bright" or "famous." A wonderful name for a little girl born under the bird-song of a summer's day.


Coral is a girl’s name with Latin origins meaning “sea growth.”

Coral resembles the glorious underwater landscapes with vibrant reefs and marine life. Coral was also first used during the Victorian era when jewel-inspired names were very popular. Whether you’re a fan of sea life or seeking a marine-inspired title, Coral is a great choice and a beautiful sounding name.

Boys summer names


A sweet English name that means “bee cottage.”

Rich in literary associations through major Irish playwright Samuel Beckett, Beckett is especially popular among the rich and famous too. It is one of the big baby name hits of the decade and is a quintessential summer-themed name for your little boy that has a lovely link to the images of the season. 


The name Leo is a boy's name of German, Latin origin meaning "lion".

Leo is also the star sign for babies born from the end of July through much of August. As a fire sign, Leos are known to be theatrical, passionate, and the centre of attention. It will be the perfect name for your little bundle of joy that arrives into the world in spectacular fashion.


Taken from the name of Gaelic origin "Kenneth" meaning "born of fire". 

Scottish people knew the name Kenneth from the name of their first king who ruled from 843 to 858, though in Gaelic origins it also means handsome and fair. Kenny is a great name for a little boy (or king!) who is just utterly adorable, or maybe has hair of fiery red colour.


The name Samson is a boys name of Hebrew origin meaning "sun".

Samson is a name with plenty of summer connections. The name itself means ‘sun,’ ‘sun boy,’ and ‘bright sun’ and with the prevailing popularity of Samuel, some parents are considering this more (literally) powerful biblical name, which shares the desirable nickname of Sam.

Gender neutral summer names


A form of the Latin name Lucius, or “bringer of light,”

This unisex baby name has been growing in popularity both in the U.S. and Europe, with celebrities like Colin Firth, Hillary Duff and Rebecca Minkoff choosing the name for their little boys. Also spelled Lucca from the Italian city, this lovely name can be linked to a gorgeous Italian summer destination!


The gorgeous gender-neutral summer baby name means “star” in Greek.

Denoted from the word "asteroid", it's no surprise this name is full of star-power and a name that will sure dazzle everyday. It also means "flower" as you'll find the colourful flower Aster blooms in late summer.


The name August is a unisex name from latin origin meaning “majestic”. 

Though associated traditionally with boys, it has been used occasionally for girls as well – by Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg, for example. However August is used much more for girls nowadays than traditional feminine variations Augusta and Augustina, and makes for a fresh twist on traditional month-themed names like April and May, as well as an updated spin on the seasonal name Autumn.


Ocean is a Greek baby name meaning “sea”.

This gender-neutral baby name is commonly used in the English language and comes from the Ancient Greek name Oceanus. If you love Greek mythology, you'll love naming baby after one of their oldest Titans. Nature names like Ocean and River are flowing back into favour, especially with nature lovers and green-oriented parents.