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Silver Cross launches ‘Donate to Charity’ Valet Service

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We know buying a pushchair is a big investment for families and although durability is a key consideration when choosing the right one, by nature they have a short lifecycle. With an average life span just short of 3 years, many pushchairs end up in landfill and we at Natural Baby Shower believe this isn’t good enough.

For years we have worked alongside brands to fight against single-use plastic and help support our core mission to provide parents with the most sustainable, stylish, safest baby and parent products on the planet.

This is why we love Silver Cross’ new “Donate To Charity” Valet & Service scheme - its initiative; to provide support to families in need whilst helping to combat the industry’s carbon footprint.

Keep reading to find out more on how the new Silver Cross Valet & Service scheme is paving the way towards a more sustainable future.

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Silver Cross x Baby Basics UK

Baby Basics UK is a volunteer-led charity aimed at supporting new mothers and families struggling to meet financial and practical needs of looking after a new baby. With over 50 centres across the UK the Silver Cross donation service aims to provide quality Silver Cross prams to families who need them most.

The introduction of the new Silver Cross initiative couldn’t be more welcomed. Their ongoing work with Baby Basics UK has helped approximately 7000 families in 2020 alone, caused by 110% increase in use of their services during the coronavirus pandemic.

How does the service work?

From 1st June 2021 Silver Cross offers a complete road test and premium valet for its prams, travel systems and strollers. For parents who want to reuse or resell their product, Silver Cross provide 3 services and valet packages to choose from: 

Option 1 - Service, £75

“Perfect if your pushchair has been in storage or you’re looking to resell.”

 Option 2 - Valet, £75

“Premium valet option will bring your pre-loved pushchair back to life.”

“Gives you total piece of mind that your pushchair is looking great and working properly” 

Option 4 - Donate, FREE

For anyone who wishes to donate and recycle their pushchair, you can receive a full valet and service free of charge. Your pushchair will then be donated to a family in need via one of Baby Basics 51 UK baby banks.

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Solving the problem

Pushchairs and strollers are usually discarded because the textile is worn, tarnished, or simply out of fashion yet they are durable and have simple maintenance processes which gives them high potential for circularity.

So what does this mean for the environment?

The environmental impact of a product or service can be measured by LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) and pushchairs and strollers are ideal products for this type of business model since they are widely used, often have established design cycles, and are very durable. Several LCA studies have been conducted for different product-servicing initiatives - similar to the Silver Cross Valet and Service - and have shown that they are able to provide the same level of service with fewer products compared to the traditional ownership model. 

The deliberate focus on how products are made, guaranteeing high-quality and longevity of life cycle has been at the heart of the Silver Cross' agenda for 140 years. It has now become an even bigger focus as the brand strives to reduce their environmental impact, proving we don't need to sacrifice ethics for quality.

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Silver Cross Testimonials 

Cat Ross, CEO of Baby Basics, says:

“We’re so delighted to see Silver Cross launch their pram valet scheme with the generous option of donating used prams and stroller to Baby Basics. Prams are built to last and this service from Silver Cross encourages families to reuse and recycle, which is a mission we are passionate about in our work”

David Abbott, Director of Marketing at Silver Cross, adds:

“As a nursery brand, everything we do is about future generations and our products have always been designed to stand the test of time. Through our new charity donation initiative, Silver Cross customers will be able to support families in need across the country, while helping to protect the world we live in”