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Silver Cross Clic review

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New for 2023, the Silver Cross Clic is the lightweight travel stroller of dreams! A new and improved upgrade on the original Silver Cross Clic, you'll notice this stroller has had a refresh on style and colourway- featuring premium fabrics, sleek finishes and all the same travel-friendly features!

Our latest parent reviewer put the Silver Cross Clic to the test on her travels around Europe, from trains and buses to taxis and city streets - see what they had to say on this much-loved compact stroller...

Silver Cross Clic 2023 review

Silver Cross Clic


Parent tester - Natasha

The buggy arrived well packaged, and it only took a few snips of cables before we were good to go! My first impression of the buggy is that it looks really good quality. I especially like the sage green fabric, which looks really soft and comfortable.

Silver cross Clic parent tested

I really like that the buggy comes with a safety bar and rain cover included, as with a few of the other models that we had been looking at, these were extra purchases.I enjoy pushing the buggy around, it's a really smooth ride, which my 7 month old son seems to also be happy with. The handlebars are quite narrow, which I found strange at first, but actually, after about 10 minutes, I got used to this.

folded stroller

I was a bit worried about how he would sleep and given that he had previously only slept in his bassinet. However, the buggy can be placed in a lie down flat position so he seemed to have no problems falling asleep. My four-year-old also and has had a few trips out in this and she's she really likes it as well and I was pleasantly surprised that actually she seemed to fit in a quite well! 

In terms of folding, I am still having a bit of trouble doing it in with one hand like you see on the advert, however I'm sure after a bit of practice I'll get the hang of it. There are a couple of drawbacks that I have noted, one is if the rain cover is underneath the buggy, it's hard to fold it down without first removing it then squeezing it back in.

Silver Cross Clic train

Also, the basket is quite small, so I've found that I can only really fit the rain cover and the and his baby carrier in there and not much else. The biggest advantages of the buggy are definitely its size and weight. We have been on a couple of long train journeys and being able to fold it down and put it in the over the above compartment had been great as it was completely out of the way of everyone. 

folded storage

I've also found it really useful for and being able to carry both the baby and the buggy at the same time, especially at underground stations. If the lifts not working before it be a really big problem where I'd have to find someone who could help me carry out the buggy.

Now, I can just get the baby out, fold it down, put it over my shoulder and carry them both up the stairs! Overall, I really love the buggy, it's really made life a lot easier, especially when using trains which is something we do quite a lot. 

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