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Safer Sleep Week

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Every March, The Lullaby Trust marks the annual ‘Safe Sleep Week’, targeting parents who look after young babies and raising awareness of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) with proven advice on how you can reduce the risk.

If you’re already involved with Safer Sleep Week this week, you’ll know all about The Lullaby Trust’s range of resources to get involved with. But if you’re not caught up with the campaign’s annual agenda, we’ve got you covered as we’re taking on all things safer sleep, so you can find out how to help your little one snooze soundly, safely, and for longer!  

We’ve rounded up top tips straight from the experts from all the things needed to create a good sleep routine, a perfect environment, and what to look out for when choosing your baby items. As well as some of our favourite sleep staples that will hopefully help you get some more z’s knowing their tucked up safely every bedtime.

Why support Safer Sleep Week?

The Lullaby Trust campaign aims to create a greater awareness of safer sleep in a bid to decrease the number of babies dying due to SIDS. Sadly around 4 babies a week still die from SIDS yet, if all parents were aware of safer sleep advice, The Lullaby Trust believe more infant lives could be saved. 

Around 700,000 babies are born every year in the UK, which is why this awareness campaign is always super important to continue, so each year we want to help reach all new parents with the safer sleep message.

The Safer Sleep Advice

While it may feel like there’s an overwhelming amount of advice especially with sleep, we’ve softened the noise to help highlight the key pieces of information to follow in building that all important safe sleep routine…

  1. Always put your baby on their back as part of their regular sleep routine.
  2. Changing them into nightwear, pyjamas or sleeping bag.
  3. Ensuring the correct room temperature between 16°c and 20°c.
  4. Having a “clear cot” or sleep space.
  5. Be prepared to adapt to sleep routines at all stages, from teething to illnesses.
  6. For the first 6 months, your baby should sleep in the same room as you.

Product Guidelines

Plus, to help shed some light on what products to look out for with safer sleep guidelines in mind, The Lullaby Trust have pulled together the dos and don’ts for choosing your baby’s perfect night time products. The product guidelines show that you don’t need to buy lots of expensive items for a safer sleep environment either, instead look out for the following essentials.

1. Cot/Moses basket and mattress

    Make sure your cot or Moses basket has a firm, entirely flat, and waterproof base, with no soft or cushioned areas, particularly around baby’s head. Soft mattresses are known to increase the risk of SIDS as they make it harder for babies to lose body heat, which can cause them to overheat. The surface of the mattress should be firm enough that when your baby is placed on it, their head does not sink in more than a few millimetres.

    NBS loves… The Little Green Sheep mattresses for their award-winning natural mattresses that are one of the firmest varieties of baby mattresses, providing optimal support as recommended by safe sleep experts and handmade using only natural materials.

    2. Portable sleep space

    We advise that your baby is in the same room as you when they sleep – day and night. If you choose a Moses basket or travel cot follow the mattress advice opposite, and don’t add extra padding.

    NBS loves… As a proud partner of The Lullaby Trust HALO promotes expert advice on safer baby sleep. We especially love that the BassiNest Swivel Sleeper by HALO makes safe and close sleep easier. Boasting a versatile space saving design that tucks under the bed, the bed swivels 360 for the ultimate convenience, comfort and sleep safety.

    3. Baby sleeping bags

      Baby sleeping bags are a good option as they prevent little one’s head from being covered if wriggling under bedding. You can choose different togs (weights) for different seasons to help keep your baby at the right temperature. It is important that the sleeping bag fits well around the shoulders so that their head does not slip down.

      NBS loves…The Merino Kids Cocooi newborn sleeping bags as they work perfectly to regulate body temperature and are soft to the touch. The natural properties of merino wool are hypoallergenic and create a microclimate around baby, keeping them perfectly warm or cool throughout the night and all year round!

      4. Room thermometer

      Investing in a room thermometer can help to avoid your baby getting too hot or cold and give you peace of mind while they sleep.

      NBS loves…The Purflo Starlight Colour-Changing Room Thermometer which features easy to read, colour changes from Blue for “too cold”, Green for “just right”, Amber for “getting too warm” and Red for “too hot". Plus it’s portable so can accompany baby everywhere.


      Still have questions?

      If you’re still feeling like there’s some things left unanswered or you would like to run through the Safer Sleep guidelines in person, you can connect with one of our lovely nursery specialists either via our one-way video call or at our Surrey store. We’re here to help you with every step of the parenting journey!

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