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Rockit Wooshh review

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Rockit are on a mission to help babies sleep longer with their portable soothing aids. What started with 3 dads, the idea to create a device that would reproduce the soothing motion of pushchairs was born. 

The Rockit Rocker aid is loved by many and has since gone on help over 100,000 sleeping infants gently drift off to sleep. Their latest device, the Rockit Wooshh now offers similar technology yet with a focus on sound rather than movement.

The Rockit Wooshh features 8 sounds, carefully curated and mixed to achieve soothing qualities for babies and beyond but what did our team of testers have to say about it? Read on to find out...

Parent tester - Flavia 

This little sound machine has been a godsend for nap times! My little girl who is 4 months old struggles to sleep during the day and the Rockit Wooshh has been a saviour thanks to the choice of relaxing sounds. 

It has 8 sounds to choose from, each with a click of a button and 4 different sound levels which I find really helpful. I tend to find my little one enjoys the loudest setting in a completely quiet room. Even when she’s fighting to sleep it doesn’t take long before she’s slowly drifting off. The last sound, number 8 seems to be her favourite which is the rain and piano music. Surprisingly, as a parent I find it’s so relaxing to just sit there and listen to it!

I received the Rockit Wooshh within days and in good packaging which was almost the same size as the product, so no waste there! I loved the little note with the hand written name of the person who packaged it - a nice, personalised touch.

The instructions were really clear that within minutes I knew how to use it. It also has a USB charger which took 40 minutes to charge the first time and has a little green light to indicate when it’s fully charged. 

The Rockit Wooshh has a handy clip on the back which can either be stood on a table right next to the cot, clipped anywhere near the cot out of reach, or can be attached to your buggy or pram with the silicone strap included. I like how you can choose if you want it to play for 1 hour or 10 hours so you have the option to play all night which is handy if your baby wakes up. 

The Rockit Wooshh is a lot smaller than I expected so could be easily lost, however it's handy to place down anywhere. The only this is it would be nice to see it in a wider range of colours which you could try to match either your buggy or the babies room.  The Wooshh goes everywhere with us now and we absolutely love it! 

Parent tester - Gemma

I absolutely love our Rockit Wooshh, I wish I had got one sooner! I especially love how portable this little device is, we use it at home and also when we’re out as it easily straps onto the side of the pushchair.

The rainfall sound is a winner for us, my little boy absolutely loves it and sleeps right through! With it having 8 different soothing sounds you will definitely be able to find one that your baby loves. 

It's great that it also comes with a USB charger so there’s no need for batteries like many other sound machines. Overall, I highly recommend the Rockit Wooshh and I couldn’t be without it now!