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Babymel Luna Ultra Lite Changing Bag Review

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Babymel recently launched their Ultra-Lite collection of changing bags to help parents carry all their daily essentials in bags that are all as light as a feather! One of our customers loved the Babymel Luna Ultra-light rucksack changing bag so much she couldn’t wait to share with us her review. The Luna backpack is perfect for both Mum and Dad, is packed full of handy features whilst making parenting light work with it weighing in at only 500g. We love this bag but keep reading to find out what one of our customers thought for themselves!

Babymel Luna Ultra Lite Changing Bag parent review


Parent Tester - Rhian Mallinson

Having a good changing bag can help make parenting that little bit easier, especially when out and about. I did lots of research before buying my changing bag as I wanted one that would genuinely be useful and help me do those daily parenting tasks. I knew I wanted a backpack but there are so many in the market these days that deciding on one was easier said than done. 

After much research I eventually chose the Babymel Luna Ultralite in Black Scuba for a few reasons: 

The fact it only weighs just over 500g really impressed me. For those busy parents with all their armour ready for their day ahead, this lightweight makes all the difference when you’re carting round a bag full of baby gear for the whole day.

The Babymel Luna Ultralite also includes a changing mat and insulated bottle holder which are essentials in my view and super handy! The changing mat has helped me out in many nappy crisis’ when I am in a less than favourable changing environment.

Parent Approved Review = Babymel Luna Ultra Lite Changing Bag

Babymel Luna Ultra Lite Changing Bag Parent Review

There are lots of pockets in this back which are amazing for helping me to get organised. Everything has it’s place, and I know exactly where everything is which is a life savour when I have a grumpy baby needing her dummy. The big pocket on the front is my ‘mum pocket’ which is big enough for my phone, keys, money, lip balm and a cereal bar! 

There is also a small inner zipped pocket and side storage pouches so it’s easy to find what I need at any point and often when I am juggling my baby with only one hand to look. The zips on the bags are strong and glide easily which also makes opening with one hand much easier!

The bag straps have velcro loops so that the bag can attach to your pram without any further hooks or attachments which is so useful. The bag fits my pram perfectly without getting in the way when I walk. The only glitch I have come across with the whole bag is getting these Velcro straps through the plastic loops but this is getting easier as the bag wears in.

Parent Approved Review = Babymel Luna Ultra Lite Changing Bag

I could go on about the practicality of this bag for a while longer but aside from these practical features, I just genuinely love the look of this bag. It is much better quality in person than the pictures do justice. I love that I have an incredibly practical bag that doesn’t make me look too ‘mumsy’ and I’ve had lots of compliments for this reason. It means I can still keep my individual style whilst being a mum.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this bag; it is full of practical features whilst also being completely beautiful! Definitely worth the money and I know this will last me a long time. 

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