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Our Nappy Guide

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TotsBots (our personal favourite) are not the best-selling reusable nappy in the UK for nothing. They are simple to use, really effective and of course don’t fill up our landfills! Plus being washables, they don’t contain any of those nasty chemicals you get in disposables!

TotsBots was started in 2000 by a mum and dad after their second child for the following reasons…

  • They had thrown a ridiculous amount of disposables to landfill
  • It had cost them a lot of money.
  • There usable nappy they wanted wasn't on the market… yet!

The Nappy Guide

They designed and made the first TotsBots cloth nappies using an old towel and impressed with first efforts, they ordered a 50 metre roll of towelling. Now they are sold all over the world and come in various styles & funky designs - updated regularly for all those nappy fanatics out there. They have even done a collab on designs with our favourite organic clothing brand Frugi.

So although essentially this real nappy stuff is easy once you get going – understanding all the differences to start with and working out what you will need is not so simple

That’s where we come in!

Below is an outline of the main differences between the nappy types, which should hopefully help you decide which way to go. If you are still confused, give us a call and we will talk it through. Or better still, if you are local, come to one of our nappy demo events.

TotsBots Easyfit V4/Binky

This is the nappy all Dads favour! It is a one piece, one size nappy. You will need no additional cover for it - the waterproof outer is already attached. The sizing (8-35lbs) is altered by changing the popper settings as the front of the nappy. The inner for this nappy is known as ‘binky’ (a mixture of bamboo, cotton and minky) which is ultra-absorbent and soft again the skin. Extra absorption come in the form of a binky liner, which is a pop in attachment inside the nappy (can be un-popped for a slimmer fit, smaller bottom and for speedy dry times). The Easyfit V4/Binky comes in only one type of closure fastening - hook & loop(aplix/Velcro). They tend to be favoured as a day time nappy, as they are not the most absorbent nappy on the market, and may need  'boosting' to increase absorbency (this is explained more below.) They are, however, as close to a disposable in terms of ease of changing, and the most slim-fitting. After washing, they dry quickly - in a warm airing cupboard around 3-4hrs.

TotsBots Teenyfit V4/Binky

As the name suggests these are for Teeny bums - basically a mini version of the Easyfit V4 designed especially for new-borns! No poppers along the front of the nappy. For 5-12lbs weights.

TotsBots Bamboozle Stretchies

This is a two piece nappy. They require a separate waterproof wrap over the top of the nappy. TotsBots have ‘StretchyWraps’ - although there are many brands out there who create wraps, so you are not limited on this! We recommend one wrap to every 4 bamboozles (as you don’t need to wash this part each time you have a nappy change… only when it is a particularly leaky one! The Bamboozle Stretchies comes in two sizes ; Size 1 for 5-18lbs. Size 2 for 8-35lbs.) Both still have poppers down the front to allow you to adjust the size. The Bamboozle comes in only one type of closure fastening - hook & loop (aca aplix/Velcro. These nappies are made from bamboo (a natural fibre soft & absorbent) with a hidden microfibre core, and are very soft against the skin. They also come with a pop-in boosters that can be removed if required. They are very absorbent, and used by many as a night time nappy (although again including extra boosters in the nappy will provide superior absorption overnight - again, explained more below). Simple to use, although very slightly more effort than the one piece I guess. Often favoured for 0-6 month use as the Size1’s are less bulky on a small bottom that the Easyfits and they can also offer better containment when ilk is the main diet (if you get my drift?... all a bit runnier). After washing, these are slower to dry, approx 12hrs in a warm airing cupboard. They can be cool tumbled if necessary, although not recommended if you really want to prolong the life of the nappies!

Boosting and lining the nappies

Liners are one way barriers for the messy stuff! TotsBots offer disposable spunlace liners, or washable fleece liners. These are both soft and gentle against the skin, and it all comes down to personal preference. Personally it’s disposable all the way! Although the washable do add a little bit more absorption. The disposable spunlace come in a roll (very like a toilet roll) and you just tear one off, pop it in the nappy and put the nappy on. When time comes to change, you just flick the liner, mess and all, into the toilet and send the nappy to the wash. TotsBots also do additional "SuperBoosters" if increased absorbency is needed. This shouldn’t be necessary in the early days but likely to be needed later on, as your baby grows and their liquid intake increases. These are available in two different sizes, the larger being the more absorbent.

How many nappies will I need?

Well this can really vary, dependent on whether you will be using full or part time (with some disposables thrown in) and how often you will wash. As a guide we would say 20 nappies for full time use. You can always buy more later on – adding a new design to your collection!

How long should your nappies last?

TotsBots state:

"The nappies endure a lot of peeing, pooing and washing, eventually they will wear out. If however you have a full set of nappies, and that means buying about 20-25, you never tumble dry, never soak, wash at 30 constantly and wash within a day of soiling then you may find that your nappies will be reusable for another child."

So in essence to ensure your nappies last as long as they can and perform optimally, it's best to follow the washing instructions the best you can.

  • Wash at 30
  • Use the correct detergent (we sell TotsBots Potion, designed specifically for cloth nappies)
  • Never bleach
  • Avoid soaking
  • Avoid tumble drying
  • Never use fabric conditioner
  • Wash within a day of soiling
  • Always use the laundry tabs to unsure the Velcro does not damage the materials in the wash.

So there you have it in a nutshell! Grab yourself a pack of nappies and save money, sore bottoms and the planet. All that in one purchase! We offer a nappy guarantee where you can purchase a nappy pack (because that is the most cost effective way to buy), wash and try just a few of them, and in the unlikely event you do not get on with them, we will refund all unused nappies (pro rata for price paid) up to 3 months from purchase.

What else will I need?

We would recommend

  • 20 nappies
  • Nappy bucket with lid
  • 2 meshes (one to line the bucket while the other is in the wash). Meshes are great, you just grab the full one from the bucket and put the whole thing into the machine
  • Liners
  • Wet bags for out and about
  • Boosters if needed

Need more info? Give us a call.


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