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Introducing Olli Ella

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The team at Natural Baby Shower have been counting down the days until we can officially say Olli Ella has arrived, and we are so in love! But what is all the fuss about with this brand that has taken Instagram by storm and what exactly is in their range of gorgeous toys for your little one?


Who are Olli Ella?

Olli Ella design timeless products that are unlike any other. They use natural materials, all sourced sustainably, and their focus is on craftsmanship and ethical production. The brand was born in London in 2010 by sisters Chloe and Olivia Brookman. The name Olli Ella comes from a combination of their first and middle names.

Today Chloe lives in Byron Bay with her husband, three kids and two dogs, while Olivia lives between London and LA with her husband and two little ones. They draw their inspiration for their designs from their nomadic childhoods spent travelling and exploring the world. Today with the Australian and Californian sun influencing their products, Olli Ella pieces are easily identified by their vintage-aesthetic, simple lines and use of natural materials.

Their mission is simple, to design beautiful sustainable products that are perfect for playtime that look stylish for your child’s nursery but that will also fit anywhere in your home.

Olli Ella Dinkum Dolls


Meet the Dinkum Dolls

Here they are! The Instagram famous dolls that everyone loves - The Olli Ella Dinkum Dolls. They are full of love and wonder, children can snuggle them, dress them and style their hair. Each Dinkum Doll is unique and looking for their owner to name them and decide who they are. Dinkum Dolls were made to be loved and cared for, to inspire a sense of friendship and nurturing in the hearts and minds of little people. They are soft-bodied, posable, plus they can even stand up, they are full of character which provide a source of comfort and delight for children.

Olli Ella Dinkum Dolls

Dinkum dolls encourage imaginative play with their posable arms, legs and head that moves. They can even sit and stand when wearing their stylish shoes. Dinkum dolls also love to be dress up and having their hair styled in loads of different ways, there is no end to the fun and imaginative play.  They are made from the softest, snuggliest cotton outer, making them the ideal doll for not only playing with, but cuddling and going to sleep with. Your little ones Dinkum will quickly become their best friend.

Olli Ella Dinkum Dolls

They feature the sweetest embroidered details, from their eyes and mouth, to the little rainbow over their heart to remind us that no rainbow is ever the same as another. It’s up to your child to choose who their Dinkum doll is, their personality and style.

Plus, every time you buy a Dinkum Doll, Olli Ella will give back to help fund children’s education initiatives around the world. A portion of each Dinkum Doll sold will be donated to Save The Children to support global education initiatives!

We can’t get enough of the Olli Ella Dinkum Dolls and know your little one will love theirs too.

Olli Ella Dinkum Dolls


Holdie World

Welcome to the world of Holdie! This is where imagination runs wild and playtime is endless fun for the whole family. Here you’ll find the Holdie Folk, along with all the special things that exist in Holdie World, like the beloved Holdie House and stylish Holdie furniture.

Olli Ella Dinkum Dolls

The Holdie Folk are the adventurous type. Measuring only 11cm, they are small in size but big in personality, they go perfectly with the Holdie playhouse for endless imaginative play. But the handmade Holdie Folk also love nothing more than touring the countryside or exploring the world in the pockets of children, they have also been known to jump in the family’s suitcase to escape with them on a tropical holiday. Let’s get to know these loveable characters a little better -

Olli Ella Dinkum Dolls

Meet Beck - By far, Beck has the most energy of any Holdie Folk. He loves exploring, digging for fossils, and learning absolutely everything about Dinosaurs. Beck comes home every day with his pockets full of unusual stones and a backpack full of beautiful sticks.

Meet Cliff - Outdoorsy, crafty, and an adventurer, Cliff is Holdie Land’s resident explorer. He often plans fun camping trips with the rest of the folk, and is always the first to raise his hand when it comes to building a fire, collecting water from the stream, or building a rope swing.

Meet Hazel - The shyest of all the Holdie Folk, Hazel loves nothing more than snuggling up in a quiet corner with a great book and a dictionary. An avid reader and writer, Hazel is the Holdie Folk’s favourite storyteller although she is often asked by her friends to speak a little louder because her voice is so soft, they can’t always hear what she is saying!

Olli Ella Dinkum Dolls


And so much more!

Both nostalgic and modern at the same time, Olli Ella designs capture the hearts and imaginations of parents and children alike. The collection is full of pieces that delight and are cherished in every home. Olli Ella has so many special pieces in their collection that we just can’t get enough of.

For example, the Strolley is the perfect dolls pram that changes to a trolley with just a flip of the lid, it’s a revolutionary design in imaginative play. This hand-woven rattan basket is perfect for dolls, pretend play, fruits and veggies or for your little one to push around their favourite toys.

Olli Ella Dinkum Dolls

Meet the Mini Chari, an immediate favourite for so many reasons. This rattan woven basket is functional, adorable and perfect for little adventurers. It can be a bike basket, a scooter basket, a backpack, a treasure bag or a little handbag to keep all of their treasured toys safe.

Olli Ella Dinkum Dolls

And there is so much more to discover. See the full range here >>