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Nothing But the Tooth: Teething Tips from NBS

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When your little one reaches around six months, their previously soft mouths will start to experience the awkward feeling of their milk teeth coming through. Whilst it’s something we as adults know about (wisdom teeth can cause some serious pain later in life), our teeny counterparts deal with some confusing and sometimes acute pain and discomfort.

Seeing your little one struggle with pain is always difficult, particularly when you know they can’t voice it properly. Here, we have a few tips and tricks we have gathered throughout the years to help your baby get that winning smile a little bit easier.


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The Truth About Teething

There is no set time for your baby to start teething, although many experience it between their first 6 – 10 months. The level of pain experienced can also differ from child to child, but the overall effect of the tooth coming through is the same.

Usually, babies experience pain as early as 3 – 5 days before the tooth begins to show. The swelling of the gums and the soreness of the actual tooth coming through is the root of the discomfort. Symptoms that your baby may be teething include:

  • Irritability: Baby may start to fuss more and become agitated at small things

  • Dribbling: The increased saliva in the mouth helps to cool down the inflammation of the gums

  • Sleeplessness: We all know what it’s like to try and fall asleep with a toothache, and it’s not different for baby!

  • Chewing on fingers: Some children try to relieve the pain and pressure on the gums by chewing on their fingers

  • Pulling on ears: Babies will often pull on their ears due to the pain being felt all over their head, they believe it will help to relieve it

  • Temperature: Teething can cause a fever in some babies, which should be brought down immediately. If your baby’s temperature exceeds 38.3 degrees Celsius, this could be a sign of infection and you may want to visit the doctor

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How to Help Your Teething Baby

For many parents, an unhappy baby in pain is stressful. Not only is your little cherub acting up with the pain, but witnessing them struggle goes against all parental instincts! Luckily, there are many ways you can alleviate the distress with a few helpful tips:

  • Use a clean finger: Just a bit of pressure can really help to soothe the pain in baby’s gums. You can let baby nibble on your finger when they get fussy!

  • Keep cool: Keeping baby’s mouth cool is another key way to soothe the pain. A cold cloth or spoon straight from the fridge can be a big help

  • Use teething jewellery: Teething jewellery is a firm favourite for most parents as it’s made specifically for your little one and can be a comfort. Choose a brand that uses 100% food grade silicone without harmful chemicals, from our lovely ranges by Little Magpies and Jellystones

  • Keep it natural: Here at Natural Baby Shower, we believe the natural way is the best way. If you baby has a fever, we recommend trying to bring their temperature down as quickly as possible, using homeopathic remedies or the correct dosage of paracetamol. Just be mindful and stick to natural therapies where possible!