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Natural Baby Shower team up with Tiba + Marl

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We are so excited to finally reveal a very exciting secret project the NBS team have been working on for the past few months. Drum roll please….

Meet the Tiba + Marl X Natural Baby Shower Exclusive Navy Quilt Miller Backpack.

We have been working with Tiba + Marl for the past few months on an exclusive partnership to collaboratively create the perfect changing bag for stylish parents with the special NBS twist. We are so excited to finally be able to reveal our final design to you and show all the work that went on behind the scenes to create the perfect stylish but functional changing bag, with the NBS twist!


Who are Tiba + Marl?

Tiba + Marl are our go to for fashion led stylish bags that also have all the functional elements and features of the perfect changing bag every parent needs when on the go! Tiba + Marl redefine the traditional baby changing bag designs by combining modern prints, premium and high tech materials with a stylish but practical design.

Natural Baby Shower team up with Tiba + Marl

They break the mould for cool, modern parents who are seeking unisex designs that don’t compromise their style just because they are now parents.  The fashion forward founders, Anna Tizard and Lydia Barron meticulously design their changing bags to merge high fashion features with practical function every parent will love. Need we say anymore? The NBS team were so excited when the opportunity arose to team up with Tiba + Marl to collaborative design the perfect stylish changing bag designed exclusively by us. So, let’s take a closer look at the Tiba + Marl X Natural Baby Shower exclusive changing bag.


Tiba + Marl X Natural Baby Shower Design Process

Natural Baby Shower have stocked award winning Tiba + Marl for years and have always had a soft spot for their cool but functional changing bag designs, so when they approached us with an opportunity to design our very own changing bag we were all so thrilled. Ideas and inspiration started to fly straight away and soon enough we had a clear and strong idea of the vision we wanted for our exclusive changing bag.

We knew it had to be equally as stylish as it was functional to meet the needs of our customers. It is easy for function and ease to take priority as a parent to help make life as easy as possible, often meaning style takes a step back. We wanted to create a changing bag that met the day to day needs and demands of parents, but also put style at the forefront of the design to make is easier for parents to still express their individual style whilst also helping to make parenting on the go that little bit easier.

Natural Baby Shower team up with Tiba + Marl


Another key element to our brain storming sessions was that we knew it was just as important that it was unisex in design. We wanted both Mum and Dad, Grandad and Auntie, all to fall in love with the bag and all be excited to wear it with pride. With this in mind, it was decided that a backpack rucksack changing bag ticked this box the best. Rucksack’s means you can fill up the bag with everything and chuck it on your back out of the way keeping both of your hands free for the important jobs. Also, we knew that both men and women loved rucksacks and are extremely fashionable and on trend for both genders at the moment.

The colour of the rucksack changing bag was another focus of our design process. It had to be unisex, hardwearing and on trend. Numerous different suggestions were debated and mood board after mood board was created to help bring our vision to life. But after much deliberation we decided Navy was hands down the top choice and our personal favourite colour. It fit our vision of a unisex, fashionable design but is also a colour that wouldn’t tarnish easily from use every day, parenting can be a messy job! Navy is also the colour of the season appearing everywhere is AW19 fashion collections. Did we also mention it’s Vics, the NBS founder, favourite colour. The choice was simple!


Natural Baby Shower team up with Tiba + Marl


The details

We finally had our final vision and idea of exactly the dream bag we wanted to create exclusively for our customers. Now it was time to bring it to life! With the amazing team at Tiba + Marl it was time to make those final detail decisions and make our NBS changing bag become a reality.

Tiba + Marl have a range of different rucksack designs, we decided on the Miller Backpack shape. This shape is slightly smaller than some of their other backpacks making it easier for everyone to carry on their back. We wanted this bag to be loved by every member of the family, so we knew we didn’t want a huge rucksack that would be too big for Nanny to help carry the load. It’s the perfect shape to fit all those baby essentials in and not be too bulky and heavy on your back. The Miller merges the perfect mix of style, form and function with all of these amazing handy features –

  • Metal feet to keep it from getting dirty or wet when popped on the floor.
  • Handy grab top handle to make it easy to carry when not on your back.
  • Wipe clean inner lining to help clean up any spills or messes. Also the outer is water resistant and wipe clean.
  • Smart phone pocket to prevent it from getting lost in your bag. There is also an internal laptop pocket for easy storage for your electrical devises. If that’s not enough, there is also an insulated bottle holder to help keep your little ones bottles cool or warm for longer.
  • For ultimate comfort and to make carrying all those baby essentials easier there is a padded lower back panel and adjustable should straps.
  • As added extras there is also a luxury padded changing mat inside the bag that can be removed to make those nappy changes on the go even easier.
  • Plus there is a removable wet clutch bag which can also be used as a cross body bag to keep all your essentials organised and in one place.

Natural Baby Shower team up with Tiba + Marl

Natural Baby Shower team up with Tiba + Marl


We were confident in our choice of a navy bag, but we wanted to add a little extra detailing to help make it stand out from the crowd and extra special for our customers. After looking at 2019 trends and some of our own personal favourite design features we knew that adding the element of quilting to the outer material would help give this bag the edge. We also couldn’t resist adding a little bit of glam to the bag with the added extra of sleek gold finishing touches to the zip and logo writing, to make this bag even more stylish and eye catching.


Natural Baby Shower team up with Tiba + Marl


The final masterpiece

Throughout the whole design process, we just knew we had to make something extra special for our customers that they would instantly fall in love with and appreciate the thoughtful little details that went into our exclusive Tiba + Marl changing bag. The day we saw the final piece we knew we had achieved our goal of creating a stylish fashion forward changing bag the whole family would love that had all the essential features a good changing bag needs.

We are so pleased with the final product and we hope you love it too! We introduce to you the Tiba + Marl X Natural Baby Shower Exclusive Navy Quilt Miller Backpack.

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