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Natural Baby Shower at Home

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Everyone at NBS is doing everything they can to stay safe, protect others and abide by Government advice. 1 simple thing that can make a huge difference in this fight against COVID-19 is for us to stay home, so that is what we are doing. Those teams that can work remotely are all doing their part and working from their own homes.

We wanted to hear from some of our team to learn more about the personal reasons they are staying home and how the team are staying positive during these weeks. 

Natural Baby Shower at Home

Ava – Accountant

“#IStayHomeFor… My husband, our families and the NHS”

Ava is our amazing accountant and she keeps all the cogs turning in our NBS machine. Ava is staying home to help protect her husband, keep her family safe and to also alleviate some of the potential strain on the NHS.

Natural Baby Shower at Home

Amy – Creative Brand Manager

“I stay positive by… Watching YouTube tutorials and pinning on Pinterest. Say goodbye to your evenings!”

Amy is the creative brain behind our amazing branding and creates our unique marketing material. Whilst Amy is currently working from home this is her desk set up where all her creative magic happens to bring our NBS brand to life. Pinterest and YouTube is Amy’s go to stress reliever and where she finds herself when she needs a little positivity boost. Time flies when she is pinning her inspiration for work and home. 

Natural Baby Shower at Home

Josie – Marketing Manager

“#IStayHomeFor… Bump”

Our amazing Marketing Manager, Josie, is our expert in everything marketing strategy and planning helping to bring our NBS goals and vision to life. She is also soon to be one amazing Mother too with her little man being due any day now. Josie is staying safe at home for the little person that is growing inside of her to make sure they are both protected and healthy. 

Natural Baby Shower at Home

 Charlotte – Content Marketing Coordinator

“I stay positive by… baking and then eating what I bake!” 

Charlotte is our very own content creator who helps supply our customers with all the engaging and helpful advice that they need through their parenting journey on the blog, social and NBS journal. She shared her work from home set up where all her content is created, and also an insight to how she stays positive throughout these strange times. Baking, baking and even more baking (and of course lots of taste testing as well)!

Natural Baby Shower at Home

Nina – Social Media & PR Assistant

“I stay positive by…. Keeping in touch with my colleagues and having my little dog Pixie next to me to keep me company.”

Nina is our social media whizz who looks after our social media and influencer marketing program helping to share all our fab news and products with our followers. Nina shared with us not only her work space at home, but also her favourite at home work colleague Pixie, helping to bring a little joy to each day at home. Nina stays positive and motivated by keeping in touch with the rest of the team daily, and with our amazing followers on social, hearing their inspiring and positive news helps Nina to stay positive too. 

Natural Baby Shower at home

Jack – Purchasing Manager

“#IStayHomeFor… The NHS, My Colleagues and My Family.”

Jack is the man behind the scenes keeping all our amazing products in stock and ready to shop on our website so parents have everything they need all in one place ready to go! Jack is keeping his distance and working from home to help support the NHS, protect his family and to keep his fellow colleagues safe.  

Natural Baby Shower at Home

We would love to see how you and your family are staying positive or your own personal reason for staying home. Tag us in your pictures on social and we will share all your positive tips with our followers.