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Merino Kids - The Must-Have Brand for This Season

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As we move into the colder months, we always begin to think about stocking up on merino wool products to keep baby warm and cosy. The first brand that comes to mind for us is Merino Kids!

The New Zealand-based brand started almost fifteen years ago, during the championing of the natural parenting movement, and came about at a time when parents were beginning to look more towards natural materials to influence a healthy and ethical upbringing of baby.


Natural Baby Shower’s founder, Victoria Hampson, was living across the pond in New Zealand during the early years of Merino Kids, which became a subtle sign of what was to come! Victoria embraced the natural parenting movement and began to discover the wonder of merino for herself.

Upon the opening of Natural Baby Shower, Victoria was keen to bring the passion for merino from New Zealand to the parents of the UK. After a decade of working together, our partnership grew and we were excited to announce our position as official UK distributor in 2016, further encouraging the merino movement.

The Merino Kids Ranges

Merino Kids are probably most well known for their sleeping bags, which come in both duvet and winter weight. However, their clothing also utilises all the wonderful benefits of merino wool, allowing for peace of mind while taking care of baby. No overheating, no excess moisture, and perfectly soft against baby’s brand new skin. Let’s take a look at the Merino Kids collections:

The Cocooi Range

The Cocooi range has been designed with newborns in mind. The range includes the award-winning Cocooi swaddle baby wrap – the world’s first made from 100% superfine merino wool. Newborns need a sensitive start in life, and the Cocooi range supports this perfectly. Sleeping bags, blankets, hats, booties and sleepsuits are available in a range of lovely colours, from raspberry red to turtle dove.

Swaddling with the Cocooi range is also a breeze! Some parents can be a little reluctant to try swaddling as they fear their little one is not getting enough air whilst wrapped so tightly. The Cocooi swaddle range removes that fear, allowing new parents to swaddle without worry of baby overheating and being uncomfortable. 

Merino Kids - The Must-Have Brand for This Season

Merino Kids - The Must-Have Brand for This Season

The Aoraki Range

Exclusive to Natural Baby Shower, the Aoraki range is another lovely selection of sleeping bags, clothing and toys in both a stacked sheep and plain pastel design. Aoraki is the traditional Maori name for Mount Cook, the largest mountain in New Zealand. The wonder of nature it is named after echoes the magical properties of this natural fibre. With each strand of merino wool being thinner than a human hair, the Aoraki collection is a fitting name for a material that holds so many naturally perfect properties. 

Merino Kids - The Must-Have Brand for This Season

Merino Kids - The Must-Have Brand for This Season


Why choose merino wool?

Merino wool has some magical properties, such as:

  • It’s a natural temperature regulator
Newborns lack the ability to regulate their own body temperature, which can lead to overheating in the warm weather and a lot of shivers during cold nights! Merino combats this and gives you a stress-free way to ensure baby is at the right temperature.
  • It’s super soft on baby’s sensitive skin

Brand new skin is super sensitive. Each fibre of merino wool is thinner than a human hair, making is soft against baby's skin! This adds to the comfort!

  • It’s incredibly absorbent!

Merino items can absorb up to 30% of their dry weight before feeling wet. Other man-made and synthetic fabrics feel wet after they absorb less than 7%!

  • It has been proven to help baby sleep

Merino Kids say: "Merino’s natural attributes make it one of the most comfortable of fabrics to wear and help us create the perfect sleeping environment for young children."

Learn more about the properties of merino wool in our blog: The Magic of Merino Wool




Do you love Merino Kids as much as we do? You can start stocking it yourself and promote this wonderful fabric to your customers!

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