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Meet the Ergobaby Embrace Carrier

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Ergobaby is a favourite brand with the team here at NBS. Not only do they also champion baby wearing (which we are very fond of), they also keep bringing out better and better products. The amazing people at Ergobaby are constantly researching  and developing new innovative and pretty amazing products. For over a decade, Ergobaby have made it their mission to promote the bond between baby and parents by providing award-winning, uniquely comfortable and ergonomic carriers throughout the world. Combining years of experience, passion for babywearing and innovation together, Ergobaby have yet again bought out a brand-new Ergobaby carrier that is one of a kind.

Meet the Ergobaby Embrace. The Ergobaby Embrace is designed to do exactly what it says on the tin, embrace your little one from the very beginning of their special life. It is a unique hybrid of the intimacy and comfort you get from a wrap, but with the structure and ease of a more structured baby carrier. The Embrace is made of particularly soft, slightly elastic and supple jersey material (certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100), which gently envelops your newborn.

 Ergobaby Embrace


Wrap or baby carrier?

Baby wrap or baby carrier? The Embrace means you don’t have to choose, it’s the perfect combination of both. Made of soft jersey material, the new carrier gently nestles against the small body, follows every movement and is nevertheless constructed in such a way that it holds the newborn baby safe and comfortable in the ergonomic squat spread position. With its comfortable waist belt and cross-over shoulder straps on the back, the soft carrier is wonderfully easy to put on and take off. The back panel has a padded head and neck support, which should ensure that your little one is always safely supported – gently and softly like a real hug.

Ergobaby Embrace

Keep them close to your heart

Embrace’s greatest innovation is its ability to adapt to the size of the growing newborn. By simply turning the waist belt over twice when putting the carrier on, the seat width becomes narrower and the back panel shorter, so that even the smallest babies can be carried ergonomically in the Embrace. If the baby has already significantly grown, after approx. three months (depending on their development), you no longer need to double flip in the waist belt. In this way, the full seat width and length of the back panel of the carrier is used and the Embrace grows with the baby along its stages of development, even in an outward facing mode depending on babies milestones.

Perhaps the most astonishing thing: with everything it can do, the Embrace weighs only an ultra-light 480g – with a load capacity of 3.2 to 11.3kg.  And like all Ergobaby’s products, it distributes the weight of the growing baby evenly over your shoulders and hips. If you’ve used a wrap or sling before and you get a little warm with the 3 layers of a wrap, the Embrace only requires one layer. And yet it provides optimum support for baby’s back and the hips and in the ergonomic squat spread position.

 Ergobaby Embrace

We have fallen in love with the brilliance of the Ergobaby Embrace, it’s innovative design means you can carry your little one from day one with ease and in the comfort of the softest material. Embrace parenthood with the Ergobaby Embrace.

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