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There’s been a lot of new brands that have joined the NBS family recently and we can’t wait to share them all with you!

While you may be familiar with some names, let us introduce you to others you may not have heard of yet. These are the following brands you can now shop at Natural Baby Shower; meet Shnuggle, Bumbleride, The Little Bumble Co., RyRy Compact, Classic World and Lifefactory!

bumbleride pushchairs


Shnuggle has become a popular, family-owned business that designs safe, stylish and simple baby products. Founded in Northern Ireland in 2009, Mechanical Engineer Adam Murphy and his wife Sinead were inspired by their own experiences with their daughter Rose, who spent the first few months of her life fighting for her life with Leukaemia. They found traditional baby products weren't always ideal because of her allergies or weakened immune systems; so in 2012 Shnuggle was born.

Shnuggle now exports to over 40 countries and are loved my millions of parents worldwide. Their product portfolio includes a range of sleep, bath and changing essentials, with their award-winning bathtubs receiving a wealth of awards and even pictured with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Shnuggle design products for everyday life helping to make the day to day easier for parents and safer for babies.



The newest addition to our growing pushchair collection, Bumbleride create strollers for families with active lifestyles while recognising the impact of their products on the planet. Originating in San Diego, Bumbleride was the birth child of Matt and Emily Reichardt who in 2004, wanted to design baby gear that was purpose-built to perform.

Bumbleride pushchairs are perfect for the modern family with every element designed in house from the ground up, drawing on the collective feedback of real parents. Bumbleride’s pushchair portfolio includes Era, Indie, Indie Twin and Speed which all boast beautiful fabrics made with 100% recycled polyester derived from post-consumer water bottles.


Classic world

Classic World on the other hand have been creating wooden toys since 1998! The founder Sofiyia started to build the brand nearly 25 years ago with the goal of bringing better and higher quality toys to little ones. Since then, Classic World operate across businesses in China, France and the USA where they have established their position as world leaders in wooden toys.

Classic World have been inspiring millions of children and families, with the collection only using wood from sustainable sources and processes that are ecologically friendly. Plus, all designs are crafted with teachers, early childhood developmental counsellors and others who deeply understand a child’s needs, and how toys connect nature growth and cognitive development.

classic world

The Little Bumble Co.

Launched in 2021, The Little Bumble Co. is a small, family run business that produces a collection of high-quality nursery essentials in prints that are bold, modern, fun and simple.

The company began with Louise in Scotland, UK when she wanted to turn her creative hand to something while on maternity leave with daughter Lauren. The Little Bumble Co. was then born out of a decision to focus on creating beautiful, fun baby goods to suit all styles. Her creations became hugely popular on Etsy before their hero product; the anti roll changing mat picked up a catalogue of industry awards that recognised its excellence.

little bumble co changing mat

RyRy Compact

RyRy Compact was born out of a couple's need to find a space-saving travel solution for their city home. Living in a suburb known as “Nappy Valley” in South-West London (due to a high proportion of young families), one mum and dad entrepreneur decided to design their own compact equipment that would make carrying their child easier than ever. Finally came their dream: RyRy Compact, which set out to create super-sophisticated car seats that are designed for convenience all while using luxurious yet eco-friendly materials when manufactured.

As the debut product in RyRy Compact's portfolio, the RyRy Scallop features second-to-none engineering, transforming into an easily portable car seat which is both safe, stylish and sustainable. While the car seat may be small and compact, there is no compromise on safety. Adhering to the latest EU R129 certification, the RyRy Scallop is not only tested to the highest standard for front and rear impact, but it also gives maximum protection in case of a side impact. It is currently the highest level of safety on the market!

ryry compact scallop foldable car seat


Last but not least, we welcomed new brand Lifefactory this week who have been making waves in the sustainability sector since 2007 with their reusable glass bottles. Their goal has always been to make single-use a thing of the past, so Lifefactory's glass baby bottles are responsibly made, perfect for the eco-conscious parent.

The glass bottle collection is made with a pediatric feeding specialist and an industrial designer.  Designed with functionality and style in mind with an emphasis on creating products for life, they aim to inspire healthy living. This is because they believe when products are built to last, we buy less and share more.

lifefactory baby glass bottles

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Now you know a little more about the brands new in this week, why not take a closer look at all the wonderful products they house too! Our new in collection features lots of new launches, from mealtime essentials to terrific toys and, from brands new and old!

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