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How to twin with Salt-Water Sandals

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For many mamas, coordinating their outfit with a little one is a way to have fun, get creative and nurture the bond between parent and child. For some though, synchronising their entire wardrobe might be a step too far – nevertheless, it’s hard to resist the charm of a little “twinning”.

With Salt-Water Sandals, you’re able to dip your toe into the trend of mini-me styling with their amazing range of chic and timeless sandals, perfect for mamas and co.

To discover the range of sandals and why they make the perfect gift for a lady and the little ones in your life, read on...

How to twin with Salt-Water Sandals

The history of twinning

Coordinated family fashion, or “twinning” as it’s known today, has been around for a long time – probably longer than you think! The concept was first brought to life over 100 years ago in 1908 by fashion designer Jeanne Lanvin. Her vision was to create a collection of dresses for women and young girls which was inspired by her 11-year-old daughter, Marguerite.

A few years after it was debuted by Lanvin, its popularity began to greatly decline. The Great Depression took hold of a lot of luxury industries meaning even wealthy society could no longer afford high-end clothing, especially to match with their children.

white matching sandals

Twinning today

Nowadays, the trend has resurfaced all thanks to the rich and famous that many of us follow on social media or on the news.

It began when the biggest stars took to Instagram to post pictures of their children’s lookalike outfits. Followers loved the adorable and fashion-forward twinning look and how to pose and partake in a fun activity!

tan matching sandals

Salt-Water Sandals

Like matching outfits, Salt-Water Sandals are also steeped in history. An original design dating to the 1940’s, Salt-Water Sandals were originally made from scrap leather as a way to cope with leather shortages in World War II. Walter Hoy used the scraps to create a pair for his daughter, Margery.

70 years on, they’ve become a fabulously durable leather comfort for every mama and her fashion savvy family.  With rust-proof metal tongue buckles, a wide choice of colours and designs, enduring quality and proven heritage, it’s no wonder why Salt-Water footwear is still going strong today.

But why are they called Salt-Water Sandals you ask?

Well, because they are great for running in and out of the ocean (or even splashing in puddles!). They make the perfect summer sandal for adults and kids that can be worn in both wet or dry conditions.

mummy and me shoes

The Salt-Water matching range

So, if matching with a mini me is something that’s on your radar, Salt-Water Sandals is an excellent way to start. Better yet, as the children’s shoe are unisex, they’re perfect to include all the family in the fun.

The range consists of the Salt-Water Sandals collection, which are defined by their tough little-way stitched rubber sole, and the Sun-San series that is built upon a bouncier urethane bonded base. Both ranges are made from 100% leather that is coated in a water-resistant sealant. The supple leather moulds to your feet with repeated wear, whilst the rust proof buckles allow straps to be adjusted to fit narrow or wide feet comfortably. Plus, the rust proof brass buckles allow straps to be adjusted for narrow or wide feet.

With an array of colours and designs to suit all tastes, you’ll be sure to find the right pair. We’ve picked out some of our favourite matching sets that we think would make the perfect summer accessory for those twinning days.

Unisex option

salt water navy sandals

For mama

Salt-Water Women's Sandals - Original – Navy

This navy design are as durable as they are beautiful. The woven lattice details mean you can walk for miles, get wet and then easily pop them into a cool machine wash or clean by hand. The leather on the mama version is designed to stretch and mould to feet as it relaxes, making them a wardrobe staple for years to come!

For mini

Salt-Water Sun-San Kid's Sandals - Sailor – Navy 

The Salt-Water Sun-San Kid's Sandals in Sailor Navy are the newest edition for little feet. The navy colourway is perfect for both little boys and girls, meaning everyone can match with mama!

We love that, like the adult version, these first-walkers have a fisherman sandal style lattice across the front, making them into a closed toe sandal. They are super durable, and therefore an ideal choice for toddlers who are taking their first steps.

Comfortable styling

For mama

Salt-Water Women's Sandals - Swimmer – Tan

Perfect for mamas who like to shop with comfort in mind, the adjustable ankle-straps of the Salt-Water Women's Sandals in Swimmer Tan give you that spot-on fit. The tan leather is the perfect everyday summer sandal the original woven upper 

For mini

Salt-Water Sun-San Kid's Sandals - Swimmer – Tan

Like the mama version, the Salt-Water Sun-San Kid's Sandals in Swimmer Tan are extremely hard wearing and the perfect starter pair of Sun-San sandals for your little adventurer. The spongy soft sole is also great for moulding to growing feet, while the 100% waterproof leather makes them perfect for every outing, wet or dry!

Classic design

For mama

Salt-Water Women's Sandals - Original - Rose Gold

For the more traditional lady in your life, the Salt-Water Women's Sandals in Original Rose Gold are a must have. As one of the first designs to come out of the Hoy factory, the Salt-Water Original Sandal is a classic design that has stood the test of time.

Composed from 100% waterproof leather plaited upper, hand-stitched rubber sole and metallic rust proof buckles, they are a beautifully classic option.

For mini

Salt-Water Kid's Sandals - Original - Rose Gold

The Rose Gold colourway is a sure favourite of mamas and little ones alike. The Salt-Water Kid's Sandals - Original - Rose Gold is a roomy sandal for any little ones that need a fit that is comfortably wide too!

Choosing your sandals

Want to mix and match with your own set of Salt-Water Sandals? No problem!
We’ve got a fantastic selection of summer sandals to choose from, ready for fun in the sun. Or, if in our usual British fashion, there is a down pour which results in some muddy puddle jumping, you can even put them in your washing machine! Hooray for rust-proof buckles! 

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