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Lets Go Back In Time

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It’s that time of year again, the evenings are getting darker and the days are getting colder and shorter. The arrival of Autumn inevitably means it’s time for the clocks to go back. In case you forgot (don’t worry we did too) the day to turn your clocks back is Sunday 28th October at 2am.

For some this is great news as they get an extra hour of blissful sleep to enjoy, for parents with little ones however, this may not be the case. Children don’t tend to have snooze buttons so, if your child usually wakes at 6am, with the time change it is likely they will wake at 5am – not ideal for already sleepy parents!

To help ease your little one into their new sleep schedule we have pulled together some handy hints and tips…

Ease them in gently

Expecting your little one to adapt straight away to these changes is most likely just something you dreamt. Most parents find they have more success if they approach it with small gradual changes each day. In the days leading up to Sunday, start your child’s bedtime 15 minutes later each day, this means you’re easing them gently into their new sleep routine. Your baby will start to adjust and be a pro at their new routine by Sunday they won’t even notice the change – fingers crossed!

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Black out

If they aren’t already, black out blinds will soon become your best friend! Even though the clock change may work in your favour in the darker evenings, the mornings will tend to be lighter. With sleeping and waking habits influenced by light and darkness it is best to make your little one’s room as dark as possible to avoid morning light streaming into the room and cutting your child’s (and yours) lie in short.

If your little one isn’t a fan of the pitch dark and prefers to fall sleep with some comforting light to keep away the spooky night monsters, the babymoov squeezy night light is perfect to delicately glow up any nursery. The adorable night light creates a calming and magical atmosphere, soothing your precious little one as they drift off to sleep. It also turns off after 30 minutes so you can rest assured your baby won’t be disturbed from their dreams throughout the night or by you tip toeing in to turn it off.

Lets Go Back In Time


Winter Warmth

Buying winter coats and jumpers for your little one as winter draws in is essential and it should be no different for their bed attire. The drop in temperature could lead to a disrupted sleep for your baby or toddler. By making sure they are cosy and warm enough in the night will go a long way to making sure they sleep better and safely. We advise investing in some cosy Merino Kids Pyjamas to help regulate their body temperature so baby won't overheat or wake up cold. Merino helps keep little ones warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot.

Lets Go Back In Time


An aden + anais winter sleeping bag is also perfect for layering up at night. It’s their warmest sleeping bag yet making it perfect for keeping your precious baby nice and cosy.

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Play time!

A worn out and tired baby is the perfect ingredient for a smooth bed time. If you aren’t able to gradually change your little one’s bedtime in the days before, there is a still a quick fix! Planning days full of activities with plenty of play time is perfect for tiring them out. Make sure that you gradually slow playtime down towards chill out time in the evening so they’re relaxed before bed time. Get ready to stock up on the toys for a fun filled day of activities and play. Plan toys offer a huge range of sustainable toys from role play to educational toys and puzzles.

Lets Go Back In Time


Keep it simple

Ran out of time to get into a new routine? Or maybe you don’t want to disrupt your already fragile bed routine. Don’t worry about it too much. Sleep experts say that children will eventually get used to the new routine when their natural body clocks kicking in. This may take up to a week but it will happen eventually, the good old fashioned way. Until then, put on the kettle and grab a coffee!