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Learn More About the Elhee Bottle

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The Élhée baby feeding bottle has redesigned and innovated the baby bottle design to create a natural, round and soft bottle that replicates a females breast to enhance your baby's earliest feeding experience. We are always recommending these bottles to our friends, families and customers but what exactly is so good about the Élhée bottles?

Let's go into a little more detail and learn more about Élhée

Learn more about the Elhee baby feeding bottle

How it all began

Élhée was born from one women’s desire to completely revolutionise and redesign the baby bottle. From her own experience with her three young children, Allison Piraud, founder of the Élhée brand, knew most parents alternated from bottle and breast for extra convenience.

Allison discovered how important and symbolic the baby bottle was in little one’s development and routine. The baby bottle is often the first physical object introduced to them and becomes the object that helps create the daily routine of feeding. So Allison wanted to rethink the traditional baby bottle to create one that was sensory pleasing to babies and ethically made.

For this highly symbolic object of parenting, this new mother became extremely interested in materials traditionally used within the industry. Exasperated by the easily broken glass of baby bottles, and sceptical about the alleged harmfulness of plastic materials, Allison opted for the latest generation of medical-grade silicone which, in addition to ensuring the absolute safety of babies and infants, is also a uniquely supple material.

Flexible, supple and soft to the touch, the material evoked a unique design to her, with graceful curves, gentle roundness, in tribute to the natural curves of maternity. Surrounding herself with a team of industrial partners and experts, Allison tested dozens of prototypes before achieving her final result.

And so, the Élhée bottle was born and became the first baby bottle range entirely designed by a mother.

 Learn more about the Elhee baby feeding bottle

Why is it round?

The unique shape of the Élhée bottle is revolutionary and what makes it stand out in the market. But why is it that shape? Allison took inspiration from the viewpoint of a newborn baby. She was inspired by the womb that carried them for so long, to the nurturing breasts that feed them and to the arms that hold them so tight. To honour these natural and beautiful shapes from maternity, Allison imagined a curvaceous and soft shape that a newborn is familiar with.

In a tribute to the natural curves of the female form, Élhée bottles are softly rounded, to honour a female breast which is instantly recognisable to newborns to help comfort them. Its feminine curves and its delicate texture make Élhée the ideal companion for new parents. A bubble of gentleness designed to enhance your baby's earliest feeding experience.

 Learn more about the Elhee baby feeding bottle 

Why Silicone?

All Élhée bottles are made from silicone. But why? To meet the extremely high quality and safety standards, Élhée quickly renounced the materials traditionally used by baby bottle manufacturers, turning instead to the latest medical-grade silicone, selected with the highest possible degree of care.

Allison chose silicone for a wide range of reasons. First, and most importantly, it is incredibly safe with no toxins and is a non-allergenic raw material which is perfectly suitable for contact with food. It does not contain bisphenol A (BPA) or any other substance that could harm the health of babies. It also has many other advantages: it is flexible, hygienic, and non-sticky, it does not dry out or crack with use. It is resistant to extremes of temperature, it is dishwasher, microwave, sterilizer, fridge and freezer safe.

Silicone allowed Allison to create a bottle focused on a sensory and ergonomic round design. The flexibility of the material and its supple and delicate texture offer sensations close to natural breastfeeding.

Learn more about the Elhee baby feeding bottle

Unique and patented closure system

Allison took the design process even further by designing a unique and innovative closure system for even safer feeding. The unique and patented sealing system eliminates the risk of the milk and its nutrients coming into contact with any materials other than those of the bottle, teat and silicone sealing disc.

Anti-Colic Teat

Allison also looked closely at the teat of the bottle to help create the ideal feeding experience for little ones. The shape is designed to perfectly adapt to the shape of the baby’s palate and made from subtle silicone to replicate the shape of the mothers nipple to create a sensation that is similar to breastfeeding

The teat is also designed to be anti-colic. The teat incorporates a valve that reduce the baby’s intake of air while feeding, thus decreasing the risk of infant colic.

To adapt to babies’ needs, the Élhée teat is available in 2 and 3 flow rates (S, M, L). The baby’s flow preferences are usually related to how they breastfeed. Some are eager to eat, others need more time. The sizes and flow rates, below, are indicated under the base of the teat.

 Learn more about the Elhee baby feeding bottle

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