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Learn More About Mama Shack

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Mama Shack is quickly becoming one of our favourite brands, and our customers too! They joined the NBS family back in 2020 to huge excitement and sold out in a matter of days. With their modern and timeless designs and functional products, it’s no wonder they quickly became a customer favourite.

So let’s take a closer look at the brand, how Mama Shack was born and discover some of their top sellers.

Learn More About Mama Shack

How it all started

Mama Shack started from one women’s hunt for the perfect gift for her friend. After a long search for a baby shower gift that complimented her best friends home interior, but was also practical and trendy, her searches came up empty. So Daniella decided to take things into her own hands and design her own changing mat that was stylish and functional at the same time.  

Baby changing mats are one of the most used products in your nursery yet the design has always been overlooked. Using her print and design background, Daniella started to create personalised changing mats for her friends and family in a whole range of different colours and prints to suit their own personal tastes. Following the successful reaction from her close circle, Daniella started to make a business out of it and created a website. From here Mama Shack was born!

Why Mama Shack? Well, it is the nickname of Daniella’s friend who received her first ever changing mat.

 Learn More About Mama Shack

The Mama Shack Collection

Mama Shack is for parents that want practical, everyday baby products where style and design has not been scarified. Their whole collection and prints have been designed exclusively in house so you won’t find anything like them anywhere else.

What started with changing mats has grown into a large product portfolio offering functional, yet style led baby and family essentials everyone would be proud to own. The changing mat range has expanded to include a variety of different types of changing mats, from anti-roll to travel changing mats, all in trend led and modern patterns to suit any room.

The Mama Shack range has also grown to baby essentials such as muslin’s, splash mats and changing bag pouches all in Mama Shack’s unique prints.

 Learn More About Mama Shack

Learn More About Mama Shack

Learn More About Mama Shack

Sustainable materials and ethically produced

Mama Shack is also passionate about producing all their products ethically and using sustainable materials. Their mission is to create high-quality beautiful products that families will love through socially-responsible manufacturing.

They are proud to be able to say that most of their products are made in the UK. This was always one of Daniella’s aim’s so they can keep their carbon footprint as low as possible and also support local business. This will continue to be one of their main priorities to continue to manufacture as many of their products as possible in the UK.

They have also researched and tested all the best fabrics and materials on the market to ensure the highest quality, but also to make sure they are producing goods with sustainable materials. As a result they are GOTS certified and standard 100 OEKO Tex certified. Their muslins are 100% organic cotton, their changing mats are made with a phthalate-free PVC fabric and made from British foam.

 Learn More About Mama Shack

Learn More About Mama Shack

Award Winning

Mama Shack’s amazing and unique products haven’t gone unnoticed in the industry either. They are proud owners of a number of awards which all recognise the brilliant functionality of their products, the modern designs and ethical practices the business operates under.

Whether you are planning your newborns nursery, starting babies weaning journey or looking for design lead baby essentials Mama Shack have you covered! Shop the whole Mama Shack collection now.