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Summer is on the tip of our tongue and what a lovely month of May we’ve had to lead up to it. A heatwave that – almost – delivered, the long bank holiday weekend, and lots of exciting street parties held up and down the country to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

It’s not just this that has brought a smile to many faces this month, but there’s also been some interesting developments in the world of parenting and celebrities that we are super excited to recap on, let’s take a look...

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Rihanna gives birth to a little baby boy!

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    When it was announced that 33-year old singer and fashion icon Rihanna was expecting her first child, everyone couldn't help but stay tuned in anticipation. The news came on January 31st and was followed by lots of iconic baby bump moments making the pregnancy so exciting for fans around the world! 

    The singer-turned Fenty business mogul has been adored by fans and mamas alike, not only for her incredibly stylish maternity looks, but in breaking boundaries for expecting mothers by showing off her changing body with pride.

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    We love that this isn’t the first time the new mum of 1 has been an advocate for empowering women. In an interview with Vogue in 2020, the Diamonds songstress discussed her plans of motherhood telling the publication; “I feel like society makes me want to feel like, ‘Oh, you got it wrong…” she continued “But the only thing that matters is happiness, that’s the only healthy relationship between a parent and a child. The only thing that can raise a child truly, is love.”

    Mum has 'miracle' baby aged 50 after years of failed IVF and infertility struggles

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      IVF has become a life-changing fertility option for parents worldwide, helping them to conceive the little one they’ve always hoped for.  For some mamas however, it can take a while before IVF works - including mamas like Christine, who after countless IVF rounds waited nearly 30 years for her little baby. 

      It was at the age of 50, Christine's pregnancy test got a one-in-100 result. What was initially thought to be the menopause, Christine decided to check her symptoms with a pregnancy kit just in case - this time there were two pink lines! A doctor later confirmed Christine was six weeks pregnant and on May 18th Precious was born. "As soon as I saw her, I burst into tears. I’d waited and prayed for so long to meet my child and finally she was there, safely in my arms," she said.

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      When Christine believed that her dream of being a mama would have to wait, we loved that she found her strength in others who had already faced a similar experience. Learning from their stories and the support that was out there, it was a true testament of how caring the parenting community can be.

      Kelly Osbourne announces she’s soon to be a mama

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        It’s always wonderful to hear the soon-to-be parents in the world of celebrities too, and it seems Kelly Osbourne is next to welcome her little family with Slipknot boyfriend Sid Wilson. The fashion police alum announced that she is expecting her first baby at age 37.

        Sharing the pregnancy news on Instagram, Osbourne posted a photo of herself holding up an ultrasound picture of the scan. Despite the two being together for over 23 years, this is the couple's first child together which makes this reveal all the more precious for fans. 

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        We love that mamas of all ages are being able to experience the joys of parenthood. While the number of women having babies later continues to increase - nearly one birth in five is to women over the age of 35, it's amazing to see more women overcoming the stigma of "geriatric pregnancies".

        Europe aids US baby formula shortage

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        If you've been keeping up to date with news across the pond, you'll know that in recent weeks there's been a shortage of baby formula in the US. However, there's now some good news to share - our European friends have come together to provide enough infant formula for more than half-a-million baby bottles!  

        A spokesperson at Nestlé says they have worked “around the clock” over the last few months to address the formula shortage and help meet demand. The effort which has been dubbed "Operation Fly Formula" follows the closure of the nation's largest domestic manufacturing plant in Michigan in February due to safety issues. "Typically, the process to transport this product from Europe to U.S. would take two weeks. Thanks to Operation Fly Formula, we cut that down to approximately three days," White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said.

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        It comes as a welcome relief for parents who have been worrying about the shortage more specifically, the country's poorest families who were hit hardest by the shortage. The shipment was the first of several flights expected from Europe and is undoubtedly, some very encouraging news for all following this story.

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