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Joolz Geo2 vs Geo3 comparison

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When looking for the ultimate, complete pushchair, there’s not many quite like the Joolz Geo. Now in its third generation, the Joolz Geo3 has been built on offering the greatest convenience for family life. With all season protection in the cot and the seat, puncture-proof wheels and unlimited expansion possibilities, there’s a lot to love with this single to double tandem stroller.

So, with the launch of the Joolz Geo3, it feels only right to highlight some of the already loved features plus, everything new and improved you’ll find on this new pushchair…

Joolz geo3 comparison

Joolz Geo2

The Joolz Geo2 launched in 2017 and was designed to give the freedom to explore further, boasting an array of brilliant features – all of which can still be found in the Geo3. The Joolz Geo2 is designed to give the freedom to explore further. With an extra-large removable shopping basket, the Geo2 is not only super handy but can carry everything you need. 

Then, if life brings a second child (or twins!), the Joolz Geo2 can grow with your family, transforming into a duo or twin pushchair. The Joolz Geo2 is all about bringing parents a lifetime pushchair that is also an adaptable, all-terrain companion.

Joolz Geo3

Likewise, the Joolz Geo3's mission is to become the ultimate travel companion, aiding life on the move, wherever that may be. From the great outdoors to cobblestone streets, the Geo3 is designed to have you covered. With all-season protection in the cot and the seat, alongside puncture-proof wheels, it makes any journey a walk in the park.

Engineered as Joolz's most sturdy and spacious pushchair, it's ready to grow with your family, offering unlimited expansion possibilities. Nevertheless, the Joolz Geo3 doesn't compromise on the complete package seen it its predecessor, as it still features an extra large basket designed to store everything and transforms to a brilliant tandem pushchair.

Joolz seat unit


Swift fold

Found on both the Geo3 and Geo2 is the swift fold that collapses in just one quick motion. Both the Joolz Geo's effortlessly fold down, with a transport lock to hold it all together. 

Super-sized basket

These two pushchairs provide the largest stroller basket on the market, sturdy enough to stash 15kg! With 30L capacity, that's enough to fit lots of everyday essentials for every family outing.

Joolz basket large

Mono, Duo + Twin

Besides its Mono configuration which is suitable for one little one, the Joolz Geo2 and Geo3 offers the freedom to convert into both Duo configuration for two siblings as well as the Twin configuration for twins from birth. The chassis' can accommodate two carrycots, two car seats or two forward-facing seats.

All weather accessories

Introduced firstly on the Joolz Geo2 and continued for the Geo3 is the breathable mesh, summer seat that offers cool riding in the summer months. Plus, combined with wind shield and UPF50+ hood protection, this stroller can tackle all weathers.

4-wheel suspension

Joolz know that the right wheels can take you anywhere. So, the Geo2 and Geo3 features large front wheels, 4-wheel suspension and reflective strips that provide fantastic practicality, maximum traction and visibility. 

joolz wheel suspension


Made from bamboo lining the same great carrycot is featured across both strollers and better yet, it's suitable for overnight sleeping. A real treat for many parents, this feature comes as no surprise from such a comprehensive pushchair.


While there's not a lot that separates the Joolz Geo2 and Geo3 on paper, it's always exciting to see the finer details brought to life in a new model launch. Let's take a look...

Pushchair weight

As expected from such a comprehensive package, the Joolz Geo range features a slightly heavier weight than found on all-terrain strollers. One thing you may spot however on the Geo3 is, despite all it's similar features, it weighs over 1kg less than the Joolz Geo2! At 13kg with seat and chassis, the Joolz Geo3 is impressively lighter given the abundance of features you can find. 

Joolz carrycot

New colourway

While the natural tones of muted blues, green and blacks remain in the Joolz Geo3, you'll notice the palette has slightly changed. Now offering the following colourways; Pure Grey, Urban Green, Sage Green Navy Blue and Brilliant Black. One similarity however is that a few of the colourways are made from recycled plastic, which is part of Joolz commitment to positive design for a better future.

Reflective strips

Parents can now stroll day or night thanks to reflective strips on the wheels of the Joolz Geo3. A small, yet mighty addition for those looking for both practicality and safety in a pushchair package. 

Folded dimensions

We all know even a few centimetres can make all the difference when putting a folded stroller into the boot of a car, fitting into the cupboard or passing through a doorway. The Joolz Geo3 offers an even more convenient space saving footprint, compacting down into the chassis with the seat attached and yet smaller than the Geo2!



Joolz Geo2

Joolz Geo3




Weight (chassis + seat) KG



Folded dimensions CM

L99 x W60 x H55

L93 x W60 x H47

Travel system compatible



Mono, Duo + Twin




Car seat adapters (upper + lower), carrycot, cupholder, footmuff, parasols, insect nets, bumper bar, raincover

Car seat adapters (upper + lower), LED Light, carrycot, cupholder, footmuff, parasols, insect nets, Geo3 Sun hood, bumper bar, raincover

NBS Loves

The Joolz Geo3 has gone above and beyond in offering parents a complete pushchair package, taking into consideration storage, convenience, safety, sustainability and so much more. 

"The Joolz Geo3 is more than a single to double stroller. It's maximised on every much-loved feature found in the Geo range, optimising on safety, practicality and style. You cannot ask for much more from a pushchair package."

- Victoria Hampson, Co-Founder.


On the surface, it may seem like the same great pushchair has had a stylish makeover, but you can really tell the amazing design that has gone into the Joolz Geo3's manufacturing. Boasting all the same great qualities - plus with added features yet, in a lighter, sturdier framework. Delivering this without compromise is no easy feat, and we are very impressed with this complete pushchair package!

Alternatively, if you'd like some of the Joolz Geo3's offerings without hitting the top end of the budget, we're currently offering 25% off the Joolz Geo2 - meaning you can get a fabulous pushchair package at an even better price. It's truly not one to miss!