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Joolz Aer vs Joolz Aer+

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If you thought Joolz Aer was the top choice for jet-setting families, wait until you hear about its new and improved version: Joolz Aer+!

The Joolz Aer range is the staple for globe trotting families everywhere who are ready to take their adventures sky high.

Want to know what makes the Joolz Aer+ travel stroller soar even higher? We've got all the info on why it should be your go-to companion no matter how far you venture in 2023.

Joolz Aer vs Joolz Aer plus

Joolz Aer

The Joolz Aer has been the best in class for families on the move, whether  that's on their holidays or weaving through urban streets. It's no wonder Joolz have made another, fabulous version of this model but first, let's take a look at what so many parents and their little ones loved about this stroller...

Key Features

    Easiest fold

    One hand is all you need for this fold – and only one second required! Upon opening, enjoy as the canopy locks in place for immediate strolling. Then, when you need it folded up - voila! It'll stand on its own two feet until your next adventure.

    Airline approved

    Take flight with total convenience and no worries! Airline-approved and with an ultra compact bag, the Joolz Aer is the perfect size for overhead storage - measuring just 53.5cm x 45 x 21.5cm. Plus, it comes complete with its own travel pouch for easy transportation on every big, little adventure.

    joolz aer folded


    Designed to step up your travel game, this ultra-lightweight ride - weighing in at just 6.1kg means that you don't have to break a sweat carrying it around. Thanks to the convenient shoulder strap, you can also swing over your shoulder and carry for the most convenient transportation.

    Joolz Aer+

    Ready to explore the world with your little one? The Joolz Aer+ is the new comfy, compact and incredibly easy ride for city trips and remarkable adventures!

    Joolz Aer plus new features

    Joolz Aer+ new features

    Alongside its stylish looks, enjoy an array of the following upgraded features:

    • Ultra large protective UPF 50+ sun hood including ventilation
    • Wider basket that can hold up to 5kg!
    • Adjustable harness with click & go 5 point buckle
    • Improved wheel design plus LED light compatibility 
    • Optional foldable bumper bar

    Now, suitable from birth

    The Joolz Aer+ now offers an exciting new feature for 2023 - suitability from birth! This innovative design provides an ergonomic seat that not only supports your little one's growth from the very beginning but also ensures optimal comfort and support in all positions.

    One standout feature is the ability to transform the seat into a completely lie-flat position, perfect for those precious nap times and cosy chill-out sessions. It's ideal for parents looking for a pushchair that caters to the needs of newborns and beyond.

    Here are some important details to keep in mind:

    • The Joolz Aer+ seat is now suitable for newborns when in the lie-flat position.
    • There is a slight adjustment to the harness, ensuring it's safe and comfortable for your baby right from birth.
    • The updated labelling reflects these enhancements.
    • If you have an Aer+ with a serial number starting from 200,000 onwards, rest assured it's suitable for your newborn*.
    Joolz Aer large canopy

    Joolz Aer+ cot 

    Make sure to also welcome the new Joolz Aer+ cot! You'll be able to enjoy a premium strolling experience from day one thanks to improved features like a folding button that makes the one-piece fold easier - plus an adorable peek-a-boo window to get a better view of little one wherever you go!


    Joolz Aer+

    Joolz Aer

    RRP (£)



    Weight Capacity (kg)



    Weight (kg)



    Folded Dimensions

    L53.5cm x W45 x H21.5cm

    L53.5cm x W45 x H21.5cm


    Yes 15 degree increase

    Almost lie-flat

    Accessories compatibility

    All standard Joolz Aer accessories + LED light compatible 

    All standard Joolz Aer accessories


    Ultra large protective UPF 50+ sun hood includes ventilation

    Standard UPF50+ sun hood

    Basket capacity (kg)

    5 (wider capacity)


    Joolz Aer plus sustainable


    No matter which way you look at it, the Joolz Aer and Joolz Aer+ strollers are ideal companions for your family's active lifestyle. However, the extra bells and whistles on the Joolz Aer+ may be worth the slight price jump considering all of their spacious engineering features.

    Whichever one you choose, we're sure that these amazing sustainable travel options will take you wherever life leads!