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January Bump + Beyond news

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Happy News Year all!

January has just begun and we’re already loving the amazing stories that have got us talking in the world of parenting.

We’re excited to kick off the first of many Bump + Beyond round ups for the year ahead with stories including one family's Christmas miracle battling a Strep A infection to new little ones welcomed into the world by a famous face.

Plus, read more to discover the biggest names predicted for 2023 and how one mama's growing bump quite possibly, saved her life...

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Biggest baby names of 2023 predicted

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According to Office For National Statistics (ONS) data analysis, the upcoming 2023 baby name trends are likely to be heavily influenced by some of the most popular TV shows on Netflix and England's 2022 World Cup squad.

While England’s dreams for glory were dashed in the quarterfinals, these football stars have still managed to leave a lasting imprint on soon-to-be parents. Google searches revealed that names such as Jude - after young ace player Jude Bellingham – saw an uptick during the tournament; while Jack - following Grealish’s impressive performance and goal celebration dedicated to a fan with cerebral palsy – is expected to skyrocket over the next year.

Likewise, England’s Lionesses' stellar performance in the 2022 UEFA Women's Euro's are expected to have a lasting influence on 2023’s baby names. From Beth and Ella to Alessia - whose searches spiked following her remarkable goal against Sweden, England’s female heroes are set to inspire more than just dreams of glory on the pitch!

Baby names in 2023 look to be also influenced by some unconventional sources. With the second-most watched show ever on Netflix, 'Wednesday', leading up a considerable spike of Google searches meaning parents may find themselves looking further than just sporting heroes when it comes to picking their little one's name this year.

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There have been some fantastic events – and people – of 2022, which is why we love to see that these remarkable moments are having a lasting impact on the names chosen for our little ones.

New mum says her unborn baby saved her life after abnormal pregnancy symptoms

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Zoe Plastiras, a new mum from Buckinghamshire, was 32 weeks pregnant when her repeated breathlessness and cough led to something unexpected - a "huge" tumor discovered next to her heart. Throughout the pregnancy Zoe felt relatively well aside from these symptoms which could have gone undetected had it not been for being pregnant with her baby.

The 23 year-old is extremely grateful as she acknowledges that without this little bundle of joy "pushing things around" in mama's body, the 11cm tumour never would have come into light until potentially too late.

She said: “When I saw it I could not believe how huge it was. Because it was next to my heart also, seeing the size of it next to my heart was shocking.

“I will forever be grateful for my daughter as I believe they would never have found this mass if it wasn’t for her pushing everything in my body around. She has essentially saved my life.”

Zoe has now given birth to a healthy baby girl, Ophelia and although she maybe a little uncertain about what treatment lies ahead, she is certain how blessed she feels having such an alert daughter who has essentially saved her life!

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Although this story is one we don't wish for any mama going through pregnancy, we are truly thankful that Zoe's little one ultimately helped doctors detect this problem soon on. We wish Zoe all the best for her treatment this year and congratulate her on welcoming little baby Ophelia into the world!

Rapper 'Diddy' welcomes a little baby girl 

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On Christmas Day, Diddy granted a much-anticipated gift upon his 19.4 million Instagram followers - he introduced them to the newest addition of love in his life: baby Love.

The lucky mama of little Love is Dana Tran, a 28-year-old Cyber Security Specialist whose pregnancy was kept so far under wraps that even fans had no clue until the reveal.

Although born in October, the 53-year-old known as Sean 'Diddy' Combs waited until the festive period to share the news with fans. A few days later, the rapper also shared two heartwarming photos on Instagram again. One image showed adorable little Love snuggled up in her car seat while another revealed sweet moments between father and daughter as she snoozed soundly on his chest. 

With with an extra-special Yuletide message, he captioned the post "'Merry Christmas from my family to yours!' wrote Diddy, adding that he's given name now double with his new baby's name: 'LOVE."

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For many fans and followers alike, news of an unexpected pregnancy - or little one - is sure to bring smiles. We love that Diddy shared his wonderful news in his own time, so that he and Dana could enjoy the first few weeks as a family. Let's hear it for this modern day love story bringing joy in time for Christmas!

 3-year-old girl makes full recovery from Strep A as family hail 'Christmas miracle'

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Little Rosa Carter and her family experienced a Christmas miracle; after three weeks fighting for her life in hospital, 3-year-old Rosa made an incredible recovery from her Strep A infection.

Despite contracting sepsis and blood clots, all these challenges couldn't keep this brave little girl down. Rosa's parents, Shelley and Alex held tight to hope even through the most difficult days in ICU of Edinburgh's Royal Hospital For Children And Young People.

Since returning home, the pair's hearts are overflowing with joy that they can spend the holidays together at home. Shelley said just after getting her daughter back home safe on Friday night “She’s an absolute miracle... Our hearts could not be fuller tonight."

In the UK, parents have been growing increasingly concerned since September over Group A Strep bacteria which can cause a range of illnesses. While most are minor in nature, some cases turn life-threatening. 

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Christmas is a time for miracles and we are so happy for the Carter family for having their little girl home and well for the holiday season. Although Strep A has been a concern for many families this winter, Rosa and the team at Edinburgh's Royal Hospital have battled hard and we are thrilled to say she has come through the worst of it.

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