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Introducing the Tonies Sleepy Friends

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When those little eyes begin to droop, Sleepy Friends by Tonies are here to make every bedtime, magical!

New and exclusive to Natural Baby Shower for a limited time only, Sleepy Friends' sweet little characters attach magnetically to your Toniebox, allowing you and your family to cosy up for an array of stories and soothing music.

From classical melodies to interactive audio adventures, these comforting tales help create holistic bedtime rituals – so grab some pillows, huddle close and read all about how the Sleepy Friends can help transport your little ones into a dreamy sleep full of enchantment…

tonies sleepy friends

Meet the Tonies Sleepy Friends Range

Sleepy Sheep - Instrumental Sleep Melodies

Unwind and relax with the Tonies Sleepy Sheep; the soothing character that plays delightful instrumental music paired with nature's peaceful ambience. Designed to help little one drift off into a serene sleepscape full of sweet dreams - it'll be your own personal bedtime saviour before you know it!

sleepy friends sheep

Sleepy Bear - Bedtime stories

The Tonies Sleepy Bear is here to help drift off into dreamland with warming bedtime stories and calming music. Let the day melt away as this adorable bear guides them through their nightly routine for some special sleep time snuggles!

sleepy friends bear


Sleep Rabbit - Classical music

Time spent with family just got even more special thanks to the Tonies Sleepy Rabbit. Let your little ones snooze the night away as they are surrounded by a comforting blend of classical instruments like harp, piano, or violin - creating an inviting atmosphere perfect for restful nights.

sleepy friends rabbit

Solving bedtime routines

For many parents, the end of a long day can be met with an even longer evening. Bedtime can often take time and patience to get through - with research showing that 51% of parents find it the most challenging part of the day. That's not surprising see that on average, it takes 43 minutes between brushing teeth and saying goodnight before your little ones are off in dreamland!

Leading advice from health experts state that following a regular calming bedtime routine is the first step to helping longer, more restful periods of sleep. That's why the Tonies Sleepy Friends are designed to help soothe and promote a calm sleeping environment for little ones as it nears bedtime.

While we think the Tonies Sleepy Friends is the best companion for your little snoozer, here are some extra tips from the experts to help those under 5 drift off easier and you sleep better in the long run...

  • Give your little one a goodnight kiss while they are still drowsy in the comfort of their own bed and promise to come right back for another, each time you do, leave it longer and longer until they're asleep.
  • If your little one is having trouble sleeping due to fear of the dark, a nightlight or gentle landing light could be just what they need for some extra comfort and reassurance.
  • Help your child get some much-needed rest by avoiding screen time before bedtime. Dim the lights and let them unwind with a lullaby either with the Toniebox or other calming activity for 30 to 60 minutes instead.
  • If they stir throughout the night, try to keep calm. Give them no reason to linger by keeping the lights off and avoiding interaction.
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We asked Sarah Patel, a certified baby and toddler sleep consultant and founder of Teach To Sleep, to explain why creating calm environments at bedtime are important.

When it comes to bedtime, it can be a really difficult time for little ones because sleep is a period of separation from you. This is why you may have noticed that your little one puts off bedtime or takes a really long time to fall asleep. Having a calming environment can help to manage these big emotions and to help the mind and body prepare for sleep. A calming environment also allows your little one to fall asleep feeling safe and content which means they are much more likely to have a good night's sleep.

- Sarah Patel, @teachtosleep

More from the Tonies Toniebox

A peaceful bedtime routine is no longer the stuff of dreams but the good news is having a Toniebox can help with so much more!

The Toniebox is an amazing invention for curious young minds and comes with even more characters to support your little one. This clever, portable speaker gives budding storytellers and musicians the chance to explore sound without screens and is also perfect for pre-readers or developing readers. 

So, if you're looking to invest in one for your family or a little one you love, there are so many characters to continue the fun for years to come! 

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