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Introducing the RyRy Scallop

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An exciting new brand has landed at Natural Baby Shower this month, meet RyRy Compact!

While they may be newcomers to world of parenting, their first launch - the RyRy Scallop is not to be underestimated. This brand-new, compact car seat is taking the market by storm, with its meticulous design and portability a hit with families wanting a safe, space-saving solution for their travel essentials.

There’s so much that’s gone into this compact car seat as well as the brand behind it all, so let’s take a look at the RyRy Scallop…

ryry scallop car seat

The RyRy Compact Story

Tired with lugging a car seat through the airport and losing hallway space to storing a big bulky car seat, a mum and dad entrepreneur team based in South West London were left with the only one solution - to design and create their own!

So, after years of research, rigorous design and even a pandemic, RyRy Compact was born, with the aim to create the most premium, compact equipment to make every step of the journey easier for parents with young children.  

The couple's first mission was to revolutionise car seat travel, so they came up with a brilliant solution to travel away from home while being a super-sophisticated option as an everyday car seat - the RyRy Scallop. As the debut product in RyRy Compact's portfolio, this compact car seat has been designed with convenience in mind whilst using luxurious materials plus, a commitment to operating as environmentally friendly as possible.

 “Most car seat brands overlook size and convenience for parents. At RyRy Compact, we believe that smaller is better. Smaller because no one has enough space anymore, smaller because it’s easier to get around and smaller because we use less of the planet’s resources. Small just fits with our way of life. Safety and sustainability were non-negotiable aspects for us and we feel that we have created a stylish product that we want to use and hopefully others will too!”

- Leah Davis, RyRy Compact founder and mum entrepreneur

The RyRy Scallop

Featuring engineering that is second-to-none and designed here in the UK,  the RyRy Scallop transforms the once cumbersome car seat into a foldable and easily portable piece of hand luggage for parents on the go. Designed not just with safety and portability in mind, the RyRy Scallop doesn’t compromise when it comes to style and sustainability either. 

Suitable for toddlers 76cm to 105cm in height (15 months to approx. 4/5 years), the RyRy Scallop is both stylish and safe for everyday use as a permanent feature in your car, but also compact and portable enough to travel with you wherever you are in the world!

RyRy Scallop have promised modern day parents a new solution for an easy life on the move with safety, style, sustainability, and size infused into every element of the design. These 4 S’s sit at the heart of the brand’s vision:


RyRy Compact believe that size does matter, therefore they want to make things smaller and more convenient for parents. Designed for toddlers, measuring in at hand-luggage size (52x40x25cm) and weighing just 9kg, the RyRy Scallop is truly the perfect option for busy parents on the go.


A beautifully innovative compact car seat, the RyRy Scallop has also been designed with style in mind. Coming in three core colourways, True Charcoal, Grey and Black and White, each colourway includes luxe detailing throughout, from leather trims to sporty flashes of neon colouring – there’s a car seat to match every car, parent and toddler.


The RyRy Scallop may be small and compact but this doesn’t mean there is any compromise on safety. Adhering to the latest EU R129 certification, this means the car seat is not only tested to the highest standard for front and rear impact but it also gives maximum protection in case of a side impact. It is currently the highest level of safety on the market!


The RyRy Scallop car seat’s merino wool covers are not only sustainable, but have a host of other properties that make it ideal for car seats. With temperature regulating properties, its wool covers keep children warm in winter and cool in summer. The naturally occurring wax coating on wool fibre offers anti-bacterial properties, negating bad odours and reducing the number of washes required to keep it clean.

Even the travel bag that carries this car seat is made from recycled PET (old plastic water bottles in a previous life), with every 1kg of PET yarn saving 60 water bottles from heading to landfill.

Better yet, the car seat foam padding is made from plant-based polymers so no nasty chemicals! Not only is the RyRy Scallop foam sustainable but because it is effectively made from natural sugars it is fully biodegradable.  

More from RyRy Compact

We love that RyRy Compact's focus on sustainability doesn’t stop there. As the RyRy Scallop includes some none recycled plastics due to recycled plastics being inherently weaker therefore not ideal for cars seats, they have linked up with Big Blue Ocean Cleanup – an international non-profit foundation cleaning the oceans – which means that for every car seat sold they will fund the removal of 5kg of plastic from the world’s oceans.

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