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Introducing FreeRider Baby Wraps

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We are so excited to welcome the FreeRider range to Natural Baby Shower. These beautiful baby wraps from FreeRider are made from 100% Tencel fabric, made from the pulp of the Eucalyptus tree making these wraps eco-friendly and 30% softer than cotton. We love them and couldn’t wait to get our hands on them, and it seems other Mums agree. FreeRider recently won “Best Baby Carrier” at the very prestigious Mother and Baby Awards 2019. Scarlett Williams, founder and creator of FreeRider tells us more about this amazing brand…

Introducing FreeRider Baby Wraps


Learn more about FreeRider

FreeRider is a sustainable baby wraps brand created by Scarlett Williams; a strong, compassionate and empowering woman with a passion for an active lifestyle.

Scarlett believes Being active has always been at the heart of my life and I truly believe it is a major factor for personal happiness. When looking for a gift for my newly pregnant sister, it was a natural thing for me to look for a product that would help her get out of the house and explore the world with ease. “

When Scarlett looked at the different types of carrier available, she was disappointed with the lack of high quality materials and on-trend designs available for the modern parent. “They just didn’t look like something I would be happy to wear or to have against my baby’s skin” Scarlett explained, and she couldn’t understand why being functional had to come at the cost of great design. That’s where FreeRider was born.

FreeRider Baby Wraps

With previous experience in sports textiles, Scarlett understood the essential role fabrics play in both comfort and breathability, especially those coming into contact with your baby’s skin. That, in combination with a consciousness toward sustainable living and environmentally responsible production meant that selecting the perfect fabric was of utmost importance. 

FreeRider wraps are made from 100% Tencel fabric, crafted from the pulp of Eucalyptus trees, the most sustainable fabric available in Babywearing. It’s three times softer than cotton, exceptionally breathable and even won a “European Award for the Environment” for its sustainable production process. Once you feel a FreeRider wrap, you’ll realise why they spent over 18 months choosing the fabric, it simply feels amazing and you can instantly tell the quality of the product in your hands.

Introducing FreeRider Baby Wraps

Style and personality are also two factors at the forefront of FreeRider’s design process. Becoming a parent can change your life in an amazing way, but it can be hard to stay true to your own personality and style. You deserve a product that suits your own style and makes you feel like your best self every time you wear it. FreeRider have worked with some of London’s top print designers as well as producing a stunning range of neutral colours to produce a collection with something to suit everyone. 

FreeRider’s purpose is to help parents stay active whilst sharing experiences that strengthen the connection between you and your baby in the most natural way possible. They truly believe that the best gift you can give to a new parent is the encouragement of an active lifestyle, allowing them to carry on with those daily tasks with ease and comfort, as well as the opportunity to create close and memorable moments together with their newborn. 


FreeRider recently won “Best Baby Carrier” at the very prestigious Mother and Baby Awards 2019, being awarded the top prize by a panel of expert parent testers who said; 

“The attention to detail is just amazing. You can tell that this wrap is the brain-child of someone who knows what parents need. Everything about it feels premium - the presentation in the box, the how-to guide, the design, the feel of the material, how it looks when wearing it - it's just brilliant.” 

With their commitment to quality, style and sustainability, expect to see more and more parents choosing FreeRider in 2019 and beyond.  


Celebs love them too!

Joe Wicks (The Body Coach)

Introducing FreeRider Baby Wraps

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