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Introducing Ecoriginals

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We are always championing eco-alternatives, especially when it comes to our babies’ nappies! Though we realise, for many parents, making the swap to reusables can seem like a big change – so we've got some good news to share! Ecoriginals are the first truly eco disposable nappy, and a world-first brand to offer parents genuine biodegradable alternatives to traditional disposable nappies and wipes.

Whilst they have just arrived at our family of brands at Natural Baby Shower, they have offered ground-breaking eco-innovation to families across the globe for many years. Read on to hear their story…

The Ecoriginals Story

It all started with a husband and wife in Byron Bay, Australia who as parents themselves, found the lack of eco options of nappies and wipes frustrating and unacceptable.  They found the climate change crisis and images of overflowing landfills horrific and saddening so in 2011, they decided to launch their own range of 100% plant-based home compostable products that are safe for babies and mother nature – Ecoriginals.

Fast forward to today, Ecoriginals are used on 5 million baby's bottoms made of an unrivalled 90%+ plant-based ingredients. Their performance exceeds traditional disposable nappies, and they’re not only the "Greenest Nappy and Baby Wipes" company in the world but in a league of their own for chemical free softness and premium performance.

What makes an Ecoriginal nappy?

The Newborn Plus nappies are made with sustainably sourced wood pulp, pure cotton layers, tissue paper and non-GMO corn starch.  Despite its unique blend of materials, Plantcell Technology™ produces 40% more absorbency, meaning 12+ hours leak-free wriggling. With dry-to-the-touch outer that reduces irritation combined with 100% cotton leg cuffs, these nappies are not only super absorbent, but are comfortable for even the most sensitive skin.

With non-toxic phthalates, fragrances, dioxins, bleach or lotions, you can rest assured that there are no nasty chemicals exposed to baby’s skin, after all your little one will be wearing nappies for many of their first years.

What is Plantcell Technology?

Like us, you may have never heard of Plantcell Technology™ before. To put it simply, this unique technology was developed to enhance absorbency and performance of eco-nappies by combining plant-based materials that wicks away more than 900ml of liquid, and traps it in a highly absorbent core with a dual seal system that keeps it dry to the touch. Non-GMO corn starch, 100% pure cotton and FSC-certified wood pulp are the cornerstone of these nappies. 

What makes Ecoriginal Eco Baby Wipes?

The Ecoriginals Eco Baby Wipes in Manuka Honey are similarly made from 100% natural ingredients, with each wipe sustainably sourced with pure New Zealand goodness in using natural ingredients to its core for greater, gentler clean and healthy skin. Completely biodegradable, these baby wipes are compost friendly in as little as 3 weeks.

Manuka Honey is a Certified Organic substance, renowned for its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties which help repair and soothe delicate skin. Even the most sensitive skin stays happy, nourished, and moisturised whilst protecting against rash and irritation.

Green Packaging

The packaging used in all Ecoriginals is printed with food-safe ink and 100% natural which is suitable for home composting, meaning the entirety of this product is eco-friendly.

Watch the full story here

How to dispose of your Ecoriginals

For the nappies to biodegrade in the fastest possible time, dispose of your Ecoriginals without enclosing them in plastic. Biodegradable bin liners are available with 6 pack nappy and 6 pack wipes bundle, so that they can decompose in your local waste management. Or wrapping them in newspaper or Ecoriginals packaging is another great alternative if you’ve run out of bags.