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Introducing CYBEX by DJ Khaled "WE THE BEST"

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Introducing CYBEX’s brand new platinum fashion collection in collaboration with the world famous, DJ Khaled. CYBEX have become renowned for their special, unique and stylish fashion collections with recent collaborations including Katy Perry for the Petticoat collection, designer Jeremy Scott and super model Karolina Kurkova to name just a few. Discover all their special edition ranges here.

Their most recent special edition fashion collection is their biggest and best yet. CYBEX have joined forces with the Grammy award-winning DJ Khaled to create a one of a kind platinum collection inspired by his family, a tropical jungle and the exotic animal kingdom. Let's take a closer look at the inspiration behind CYBEX by DJ Khaled "WE THE BEST" collection.


"It's beautiful, it's luxury and it's family. I love them all" - DJ Khaled

Inspired by his family

For this exclusive collection, DJ Khaled took inspiration from his own family. He believes family always comes first and his new range with CYBEX reflects just that. Together with his wife, and inspired by their two little Kings – Khaled designed a collection that captures the rich beauty of the tropical jungle and an exotic animal kingdom of vibrant lions, parrots and zebras.

The unique design is bursting full of tropical leaves in all shades of green, with the flash of a tribe of exotic animals Khaled loves and it’s all complimented and topped off with an aquatic and serene bright blue for emphasis. It’s an exotic and tropical haven design to make your family essentials stand out from the crowd. 

DJ Khaled

The details

DJ Khaled and CYBEX worked side by side to design this exclusive collaboration and that much is very clear. DJ Khaled has thought of all the small details and really injected his own personality into the range. There are some really nice features that bring the design to life and are instantly recognisable to the DJ Khaled brand. For example, emblazoned on each piece is DJ Khaled’s famous phrase that he says at the beginning all of his chart-topping songs “We the Best”.




There is also the luxury finishing touch of a symbolic key on the zippers. This represents having the key to success and the keys to the kingdom – which for Khaled is all about family, abundance and love.


What’s in the range?

DJ Khaled’s specially designed print is available across CYBEX’s key platinum range pieces. These include;

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