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Introducing BIBS

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The famously sustainable Danish brand BIBS has always been an advocate for greener living and making sure that our children inherit an Earth with a brighter future.

However, you may already know the BIBS name for their super popular pacifiers which are produced from high quality materials which are only the best for your little ones.

For more than 40 years, their focus has been on their popular pacifier range. Nowadays, they house an impressive product portfolio and better yet, you can now find it all here at Natural Baby Shower!

BIBS World blog

The brand promise

BIBS' brand promise is to become greener in everything they do. Lovingly manufactured in Denmark with the highest regard for functionality and safety, their iconic and retro-design pacifier range has been a hit with little ones worldwide.

Renewable initiatives

On their journey to become 100% operational through renewable energy, BIBS have teamed up with Danish brand Ørsted to cover all the electricity production in their European facilities as Wind Turbine Certified. While they are proud to make the right steps towards a greener future, they are continuing to look at ways to operate completely without greenhouse gases.

It comes as no surprise that BIBS are making such amazing steps with renewable energy, as Denmark are leaders in sustainability, with 30% of all energy they use coming from renewable sources. 

Boheme soothers

The BIBS range 


From birth, babies have a natural sucking reflex, which they try to satisfy with their mother’s breast, a pacifier, or thumb. However, when it comes to a mama's nipple, because no size or shape is right or wrong it means that all babies respond to different teats. Babies have different preferences, different sucking techniques, and different mouth anatomy. Therefore, BIBS offer different pacifiers that meet all these different needs.

BIBS Supreme

One of the pacifiers that we house is the BIBS Supreme range which is the exclusive wide shield pacifier. With its symmetrical flat-drop-shaped nipple, it accommodates little ones who prefer the flat nipple shape. The drop-shaped nipple encourages the tongue to stay flat and presses the pacifier flat against the top of the mouth, which means that baby doesn’t need to suck as hard.

The shield and teat are symmetrical, meaning that the pacifier always lies correctly in a little one’s mouth. The shield's carefully designed large holes feature on both sides and ensures minimum contact with sensitive skin around the mouth. This helps to prevent moisture from saliva build-up that can often cause skin irritation, such as rashes and sore spots.

The nipple comes in both natural rubber latex and silicone. Plus, the silicone nipple has an innovative pattern that reinforces the material, making it more resistant than other silicone pacifiers.

BIBS Boheme & Colour 

Another teat shape included in BIBS range is the round nipple design found on the Boheme and Colour pacifier. This round profile is designed to resemble the shape and size of a mama's breast. This helps to soothe a little one as, just like during breastfeeding, the round nipple teat promotes a similar tongue placement and sucking technique, as the tongue lifts and cups around the nipple.

The nipple teat features a valve, which releases air whenever a little one’s mouth closes on the nipple. This ventilation system allows the air from inside the nipple to be pushed out through the valve while the shape naturally curves around little one's oral cavity. The valve also helps any water inside the nipple to escape when cleaning and sterilising. To achieve this, simply just squeeze the nipple flat to press out any excess water.

In order to prevent moisture build-up from saliva, the round lightweight shield is carefully designed to curve away from the sensitive and delicate skin around the face. The shield is also available in a night version with a glow-in-the-dark handle - perfect if you need to locate in the night without disturbing your little one!

BIBS pacifier


Like the Boheme & Colour, the De Lux nipple is also rounded shape which features all the benefits aforementioned. What sets this pacifier apart is, the De Lux is BIBS features a stylishly modern design, with an elegant hidden gathering and enhanced matte colourway for a truly premium finish. The dup (front of the soother) is also large making it super practical and easy to print a name on, perfect for nursery or daycare.

BIBS Try-it

Perfect if you’re not sure what pacifier teat to choose, the collection box offers pacifiers from 4 of BIBS range, Colour, De Lux, Supreme, and Couture. It includes a selection of all nipple types - round, symmetrical, and anatomical as well as a variety of materials – natural rubber, latex and silicone. You’ll be sure to find your preferred BIBS pacifier.

Mixed soother collection

Dinner bibs

The Dinner bib range is not only designed for little ones and their needs in mind, it also doesn’t compromise on design and aesthetics. The material used in the Dinner Bib range has been carefully selected to ensure it is both comfortable and easy to clean. As well as being resistant to oil, grease, and food colours, it is extremely robust as it can be washed in the dishwasher at high temperatures with soap.

All bibs are made in 100% safe, food-grade TPU; an environmentally friendly material with the perfect flexibility for mealtime wear. It is 100% BPA-free and 100% recyclable too! Our collection offers three beautiful colours, Sage, Blush and Mustard that are both understated and complimentary to every kitchen space.

bib BIBS


From teethers to linking toys, BIBS also offer a selection of adorable essentials to help with an inquisitive baby. Helping to soothe gums, stimulate senses and improve motor skills, the Baby Bitie and Loops accessories offer multipurpose fun for little ones. Similarly, they are all made from 100% BPA and phthalate free and 100% safe, food-grade TPU materials, which are both environmentally friendly and the perfect durability for a teether.

More from BIBS

Keep an eye out for a few more BIBS products coming this way soon! We’ve got a selection of pacifiers and braids that are sure to be a hit for keeping little ones soothed and stylish wherever you go.

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