How to Throw a Green Baby Shower, the Easy Way

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Planning an eco-chic baby shower for a green-living mum, but not sure where to start? While you don’t have to throw a shower that’s green from the inside out, registry tips, shopping resources and entertainment ideas that match the mummy-to-be’s non-toxic philosophy are sure to come in handy. And the good news? It’s easy to make a baby shower green with just a few quick adjustments. Read on to find out our top tips for an eco-friendly baby shower that’ll help you celebrate a new little life in a big way.

Send eco-friendly invitations


Go paperless and send e-invitations – it’s up to you whether you design them yourself and email them to guests, or use an e-invitation site like,, or

Alternatively, you can send invitations made from natural or recycled materials. Make your own if you’re crafty, or order eco-friendly invitations from etsy. Encouraging guests to purchase natural baby products as gifts, which they can wrap in recycled paper or just bring as they are, is also a great way of introducing the green baby shower theme.

Create a green gift registry

Make gift-giving easy by ensuring the mummy-to-be has registered for every earth-friendly baby essential under the sun, such as cloth nappies, non-toxic baby shampoos and soaps, BPA-free bottles and organic soft toys. If she already has a nursery colour scheme or theme, use that as a guide when choosing invitations and decorations. Encouraging parents on the guest list to bring laundered, gently used baby clothes their children have outgrown is also a wonderful way to embrace the green theme.

Find the perfect place

Book a green venue or lovely outdoor location that requires fewer decorations – you can save time by using a venue search engine like #tagvenue to scroll through and book the most popular spaces for baby showers. Sustainable coffee houses, eco-friendly eateries or pretty gardens are all great options.

How to Throw a Green Baby Shower, the Easy Way

Decorate thoughtfully

Give your event space an eco-chic makeover by introducing natural elements like stones, pieces of driftwood, sea shells, pine cones and soy candles. Baby bouquets created from baby clothes or blankets make adorable table centrepieces, while flowers in recycled glass jars are also pretty, doubling up as eco-friendly party favours. Nappy cakes are on trend, too, with step-by-step instructions available online. Making a garland by pinning baby clothes to twine or ribbon is a great alternative to crepe paper, streamers and balloons. And the best part? The little outfits can double as a gift for the mummy-to-be when the party’s over.

Serve up simple, natural nosh
Keep it real by serving natural, local or organic food. Mini-quiches or mini-frittatas, roasted red pepper hummus and pita chips, fruit and veggie platters, cheese boards and tasty tea sandwiches are all great ideas. If serving fish, make sure to choose varieties that are safe for pregnant women, such as wild salmon, halibut or trout. Bake the cake with free-range eggs and ice it with dye-free frosting topped with crushed pistachios or lightly toasted coconut flakes.

How to Throw a Green Baby Shower, the Easy Way

Play games that reflect the green theme
Simple games that minimise waste, like ‘swaddle this’, are perfect for green baby showers. After a quick demo, guests can test their swaddling skills on everything from couch cushions to books. Alternatively, play a round of ‘baby bingo’. A couple of weeks before the shower, ask the mummy-to-be all sorts of questions (when her due date is, if she’s hoping for a girl or a boy, what foods she’s been craving), and turn her answers into a bingo card. At the shower, the guest who forms a row of correct answers first is the winner!

Add a personal touch

Turn the sign-in book into a lasting keepsake by asking guests to share their parenting tips. On the top of each page write headings like ‘Definitely call the doctor if…’, You’re better off buying used versions of…’ and ‘Yes, it’s normal when…’ These little pearls of parenting wisdom are sure to come in handy later on. Alternatively, distribute blank eco-friendly greeting cards along with consecutively numbered envelopes, and ask each guest to write a birthday message to the baby-to-be for whatever age is listed on their envelope. These cards will make really special gifts for the baby in years to come. Displaying a decorative sign-up sheet where guests can offer to bring their favourite freezer meal after the baby’s arrival is also a thoughtful gesture the mummy-to-be will be sure to appreciate.

Give eco-friendly party favours
Send your guests home with green party favours, like flower seeds, spice mixes or herbal tea blends. Alternatively, bake off some sugar cookies in cute, baby-themed cutouts, which you can then pack in reusable or hand-sewn bags.