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Izmi = the perfect travel accessory

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Travelling with babies can be a little daunting; juggling being out of your normal routine and without your home comforts is tricky enough, and that’s before you start to wonder whether everywhere you’re going will be buggy-friendly too. But don't worry, we've just the thing to make holiday season a breeze... ✈️

Baby wearing is a great way to make travelling with babies lighter and easier so we're talking to Carrying Consultant and Designer of the Izmi Baby Carrier, Emily Williamson to discover her top ten reasons why a sling or baby carrier is a travel essential for all parents.

1.You can go anywhere! With your baby snugly supported in a wrap or carrier, you don’t need to worry about whether the places you’re going are buggy-friendly. Up steps, over sand, on and off public transport, you can both easily go wherever your feet take you.

2.You know your baby is safe. Even in busy, crowded locations, you’ll always be able to feel your baby safe and snug against you. They’ll be reassured that you’re close and they’ll be more relaxed and confident in new situations too.

3.Your baby can join in and see everything. When they’re being carried, whether on the front or back, your baby is held in a great position to share all your fun travelling experiences with you.

4.Great for naps.When out of their normal routine, babies can struggle; a comfy carrier allows them to snuggle into you for a reassuring, familiar place to sleep while you’re getting on with your day.

5.You don’t need to be a ‘babywearer’. Even if you only want to carry for a one-off event or holiday, there are great carriers that are simple and comfortable to use. A compact sling or carrier that packs away easily won’t take up much room in your luggage, or under your buggy if you only need it for occasional use.

Izmi Baby Carrier

6.Feeding on the go. Breast or bottle feeding, many slings can be adapted as a feeding aid. Whilst you may not be able to get completely hands free, you could try using your sling instead of a feeding cushion, or to help you get more mobile whilst feeding.

7.You save luggage space. Without a bulky buggy to pack, you’ve got lots more space to fit all those other baby essentials you’ll need.

8. Great for toddlers too. Your toddler may not need to be carried every day, but if you’re out on a busy trip, or in a new environment you may well find they get tired. A compact toddler carrier can be easily carried in a bag, ready for when your toddler’s finally had enough, so that you can all get home (or through the airport) more easily.

9.You can use a sling as a high chair alternative. For less child-friendly locations, a carrier like the Izmi Baby Carrier that supports your baby on one hip, or facing outwards on your lap is a great solution when you don’t have a secure high-chair for your baby.

10.You tend to travel lighter.Without that big under-buggy space to fill you’ll really optimise what you take out with you. Do you really need 3 changes of clothes?! Baby in a carrier on your front; daily essentials in a small backpack on your back, and you’re good to go!

Happy travelling!

Emily x