Half term hero’s

Another half term is upon us. January seemed to go on forever, so much so Christmas is nothing but a distant memory. Through January we’ve battled freezing winds and snow, survived blue Monday and some of us are barely clinging on to our new years resolutions (or not at all in my case). But things are starting to look up, it’s finally February which means along with Valentine’s day, it’s also February half term time.

February half terms dates vary depending on region, but as a general rule, it mainly takes place across England from Monday 18th – Friday 22nd February 2019.

Half Term Hero's

Whilst we love having the kids at home it takes a lot of planning and a little imagination to keep them entertained for the whole week. But fear not, we have come up with some half term hero’s to help keep your little ones entertained. To hopefully stop your children (and you) from climbing the walls, or drawing on them!

The tricky thing with the February half term is that the weather is so unpredictable, making it near impossible to forward plan activities without the fear of rain. Keep reading to find our favourite tried and tested weather proof activities your kids will love!


Go swimming

Unfortunately, it’s not quite beach swimming weather yet but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get your swimwear on and enjoy some water fun. Whatever the weather is doing outside, swimming pools can offer your little one’s hours of fun and they’ll be totally worn out afterwards (win win). Do some research and check out your local pools, try and pick ones that are designed for kids which have slides and fun play areas.

Splash about

Make sure you’ve got everything you need for the whole family to make the trip to the swimming pool as smooth as possible. Splash About offer a huge range of safe, stylish and comfortable swimwear from nappies to wet suits so babies of all ages will be able to enjoy their time splashing about. No swim session is complete without goggles, perfect for protecting your little ones eyes from chlorine chemicals but also allowing them to see under the water helping them to maximise their fun. Babiators Submariners swim goggles are the best fitting goggles for your little swimmer.

If your little one is a little younger than their siblings or not such a strong swimmer, it’s a good idea to take some bath water toys with you to keep them entertained.

We all know the fun can come to a swift end when it’s time to dry off your little ones, especially if you have a mini army of wet children and only 2 arms! Help make the drying off process that bit more fun with the adorable animal bath towels from MORI. The poncho and hood design means the child can wear them hands free, and they are just totally adorable we can’t resist.   

MORI animal hooded towel


Slumber Party

There is nothing more exciting for children than the idea of a slumber party with all their best friends! Your mum friends will thank you for taking one for the team with this one. This may sound like your worst nightmare, a house full of children too hyper to go to sleep at a reasonable time, but with a little bit of planning you should be able to wear them out in time for bed time.

Make sure you’re prepared for this one, that you have pillows and bedding enough for everyone. Make the sleepover extra special with matching pj’s for the whole team, this will also make for some adorable pictures.

Half Term Hero's

Something that always goes down a real treat and has proven a great success with our own children are allowing them to build their own den. We advise this to be in the area of where they are sleeping to keep the house take over to a minimum, but also means they tend to be more excited to go to “bed” in their very own den. Best of all, when everyone is tired and worn out simply dim the lights, pop on a film and they can relax in their den.

To combat night terrors and make the whole sleeping process that little bit easier we suggest using nightlights. The perfect slumber party companions come from Olala, a set of 3 rabbit nightlights. You can give one of these cordless night lights to each child to help them fall asleep feeling safe and cosy with their new companion.

 Olala Night lights

Form a band

It is well known that musical instruments are fundamental to your little ones learning and social development so why not make learning fun this half term with the help of musical toys. Hold X-Factor style auditions and give Simon Cowell a run for his money in the judging stakes. Once you’ve picked only the best talent (obviously your little one went straight through to the live shows), form a band and get rehearsals under way.

Children love making noise and will feel huge satisfaction from hearing the music they are making. We aren’t promising musical magic, there will be a lot of noise and you’ll be lucky to get any sort of rhythm but practice makes perfect, right?! oh, and don’t forget to also buy some ear plugs.

 Plan toys


Arts and crafts

We know your fridge door might already be over flowing with the sometimes questionable art masterpieces your little one has produced through the years, but you can never have too many. Arts and crafts are the perfect afternoon distraction to keep the family entertained. Let their imagination run wild and also let them use any left-over newspapers or toilet rolls to help create their creations. If you’ve run out of magnets for the fridge door, you could also display them in frames. Articulate Gallery offer gorgeous plain frames that would look great in any interior design and allows for pictures to simply be slipped in and out from the slot at the top.

Or if you have only just finished clearing up the glitter explosion from their last arts and crafts session Babymel offer the perfect mess free afternoon arts and crafts activity. Their colour and wash art canvas is amazing, it lets your little one colour in the canvas design with washable colouring pens. Once they have completed the design simply wash and go again! No mess, no hassle and endless hours of colouring fun.

Half Term Hero's

Go on an adventure

If you are brave enough to face the weather outdoors then a winter walk or a forest adventure is perfect for your stir crazy children. Come rain or shine, wear their little legs out by wrapping up warm against the chill in the air and go explore the great outdoors! Be prepared for any weather with our winter coats and gloves.

Elodie Details Back Pack

Make sure they are ready for every sort of adventure by giving them their own rucksack to store their own essentials in. Our personal favourites are from Tiba + Marl and Babymel, kids love having their own rucksack so they can take all their favourite bits with them. No adventure is complete without a snack break, let your little one carry their food and water in their rucksacks. Babymoov have the perfect food storage for all sorts of yummy snacks and we love the Liewood Anker bottles for keeping their water in.

If it’s a big team adventure day out with your child’s friends also piling in to the car, the Mifold will become your best friend. Their grab and go Booster seat is a super compact and highly portable booster seat that can be stored in glove departments and backpacks as a handy spare for any additional passengers.

Half Term Hero's

Hopefully these hints and tips will help you all survive half term, stress and argument free. Good luck mum + dad!